Continuity of Care and Your Business

With the recent announcement by the World Health Organization that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is officially a pandemic, it is important to understand the impact this will have on you patients and ultimately your business.  Your patients will have questions about their treatment so it is important to have a communication plan with your patients.

Back to Basics and Other Best Practices

With all the new technologies available for patient engagement, something that is even more important is to actually have a plan on how to use the tools at your disposal.

  • The first thing any practice should do is take inventory of the patient communication tools available to them.
  • After taking inventory of your available tools, all businesses should develop a messaging strategy that will include basics like:
    • Hours of Operations
    • Services offered and/or services that are currently unavailable
    • Steps your business is taking to mitigate risks of transmission
    • How can patients communicate with your business regarding treatments, continuity to care, options for treatment (tele-health, Home Exercise Programs, home visits, etc)?

After taking inventory and developing a messaging strategy you can apply that to your communication tools

  • Text Messaging- review your current Practice Management System for built-in options like Raintree’s ARM, or look for other messaging systems that allow you to mass communicate via SMS/MMS text messages
  • Emails- leverage patient emails to communicate directly 
  • Phone Calls – simple and effective way to make personal contact with your patients
  • Information page on your website- update your website with critical information for your patients
  • Social Media- use your social media platform to inform followers about changes, updates or other information about your business

Continuity of Care is important for your patients and ultimately your business.  Clear communication with your patients will help them understand their options, and ultimately will help your business mitigate loss of revenue due to market uncertainty.

Upcoming Webinar

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Readiness – Pandemic Webinar:

Please join this call to learn about what we have been doing to help you overcome the challenges and disruptions in our traditional healthcare delivery system. We want to share and we want to learn.

Topics we will cover include:
  • Continuity of Communication (Remote Employees, Patients, Payers, & Referral Sources)
  • Effective Appointment/Scheduling Management, Data Tracking, & Analytics
  • Electronic Petition(s) and Seeking Exception(s) with Medicare & other payers
  • Tele-Health OptionsFinally, we will others share what they have done and establish on ongoing forum to encourage your sharing of strategies, methods, successes, and failures with each other.This is problem impacts humanity…WE are in this together!See you then!
Mar 18, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)