While physical therapy practices in the U.S. are not required to use electronic health records (EHRs), many across the country are now implementing the technology. And they’re experiencing significant boosts to their business as a result of this implementation. In this post, our experts take a look at how EHRs can help physical therapy practices meet their objectives in the coming years.

Reduce Costs

The use of EHRs is helping save physical therapy practices across the country millions of dollars. One way in which systems can help boost revenue is by notifying the therapist when a particular patient is nearing the end of their coverage limits. This ensures the patient can be notified to undergo further treatment while under coverage.

Assure Compliance

By keeping EHRs, physical therapists can ensure they are in full compliance with the latest Medicare regulations. This also ensures that when the facility is under investigation or audit, they can streamline the process by providing a full selection of data to the auditors. Not only is this helping organizations mitigate the risk of fines and closures, but it’s also saving time on data management throughout the organization.

Support Patient Recovery Progress

Continually building upon patient recovery progress is a critical element of the physical therapist’s treatment role. EHRs are an important driver in this process. They can help compile all patient data and allow the therapist to monitor the patient’s improvement over time.

Drive Staff Efficiency

With a number of team members working to support the physical therapist, it becomes critical to understand each person’s role in the team unit and their performance in that role. EHRs can be used to build staff workflows so that each member of the team knows their role on each day. The system can also be harnessed to manage group tasks, so that structures can be built that enable seamless collaboration and swift responses when an action is required.

Improve Scheduling

With a multitude of patients to manage on a weekly basis for the average physical therapist, scheduling can be a challenge. It’s difficult to know from one day to the next which patient is being seen at which time and how their condition has progressed. But now with the use of EHRs, physical therapists can improve their scheduling. Whether they need to reschedule a patient at the last minute or schedule meetings with their staff on critical in-office processes, EHRs can help support refined management.

Access Data Remotely

The leading EHRs also empower physical therapists in accessing their systems data remotely. This means that, when they’re at home or on the train headed to the office, they can quickly check the system to review any changes and take a proactive approach to office management.

The use of EHRs is empowering physical therapists across the country to improve their service to patients and increase the success of their organizations. To discover more about the leading EHRs on the marketplace, speak with our in-house team now at 800-333-1033 or info@raintreeinc.com.