EMR software isn’t just an option or a luxury for healthcare organizations – it’s a necessity. It’s the perfect solution to going paperless, which so many agencies are struggling to do. The potentials of integration, however, are much bigger. By going digital, a clinic can utilize the financial headroom to improve services, which will mean better patient retention and more growth.

At Raintree Systems we have developed specialized EMR solutions with the practical needs of physical therapists and medical practitioners in mind. Implementation is made easy by our team approach and the benefits are readily visible, which begs the question: what hinders EMR use?

There are medical practitioners who, for a variety of reasons, still have not made the shift to EMR, but its many benefits can – and should – no longer be ignored.

The Larger Picture

We already know the advantages that EMR brings to the medical industry – in a nutshell, it’s the way forward. In fact, the full impact of EMR could be revolutionary.

One advantage, in particular, should outweigh common misgivings. EMR helps patients (and their doctors) take better control of their health. For so long, many have wondered how to make the world healthier. Diets and fitness programs lead people in the right direction when it comes to health and well-being; but these resources, while beneficial overall, are more holistic in approach. By having an electronic, easily accessible record of a patient, doctors can make explicit instructions on how to improve the patient’s health when it comes to specific areas.

Increasing health literacy can have a profound impact on the whole of society. Awareness is something that can encourage action, and with the general state of health today, we could definitely use a more proactive stance to wellness. We aim to help transform the industry while keeping sight of our main responsibility, which is to help every practitioner have an efficient and safe way of keeping records.

The declining health of the public is one part bad diet/unhealthy lifestyle and another part lack of information. As a medical practitioner, it’s your responsibility to point unhealthy people in the right direction. With the help of Raintree Systems, you can track the progress of each patient and offer a more targeted treatment plan. You can improve further by integrating modern practices in critical departments, but with a good record-retaining system, you have a solid foundation for your future plans.

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