Support Services

At Raintree Systems we pride ourselves on delivering prompt and reliable support services to our customers. Our standard operating procedures embrace a “team support” model that empowers our support staff to quickly move reported problems through the system. Timely engagement of both technical and non-technical resources is an essential dynamic to providing meaningful support to our customers.

We demonstrate this commitment to quality service through our Support & Maintenance Agreement. The service level agreement inherent to this support services offering entitles our customers to the following benefits:

  • Assignment of Customer Service Associate
  • Prioritization of Critical & High Priority Issues
  • Problem Determination & Resolution
  • Direct Access to Engineering (3rd Level Support) As Needed
  • Submission of New Ideas / Product Enhancement Considerations
  • Proactive Monitoring of Application Health (for hosted customers)
  • Troubleshooting Application Performance Issues
  • Providing Resources and Guidance On Installation and Configuration
  • Unlimited Access to Raintree University (E-Learning Course Library)
  • Unlimited Access to the Raintree Customer Center
  • Unlimited Access to the Raintree User Group Forums
  • Participation In BETA Programs and other Early Adopter Initiatives
  • Future Product Releases (For Licensed Modules Only)

Incident Prioritization Levels:

Severity Definition
Critical The Raintree system is down or the nature of the problem has a broad impact that significantly limits the use of the system, resulting in a potential for customer billing/collection and/or clinical documentation/EMR delays
High The Raintree system is operational; however the problem is limiting a major feature or function of the system, resulting in potential billing/collection and/or clinical documentation/EMR delays.
Medium The problem is moderate in nature and does not have a direct impact on customer’s ability to use the system.
Low Non-Break/Fix related requests (training, PCR, general questions, etc.) and does not have any impact on the operability of the customer’s systems.