You spend time and money keeping your facility up to date. Your equipment is in optimal working order at all times because you devote valuable resources to it. You stay on top of your industry and all the ever changing trends of it. You like to think that all the time and resources you devote to these things keeps you ahead of your competition. However, if you are not continually devoting time, attention, and  training your team, you could in fact, be falling behind. Your human resources are your company’s most valuable asset, you owe it to your business to ensure they are the very best they can be. This can help guarantee your company is the best in the industry.

You may feel continuing education and training is just too costly, when you factor in all of the variables such as the cost of the training, and the lost production time while the employees are “out of the shop” being trained. But considering the long term benefits, keeping your employees up to date is invaluable to your company’s long term goals.

Every employee has weaknesses when it comes to your company’s production. Identifying and addressing those weaknesses can mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line. You may also find that more competent employees are not only more productive and efficient; they tend to be much happier as well.

We suggest four points for workplace education and training:

  1. New hires receive initial training, generally in the form of orientation. This training is crucial to familiarize the new hire with your company, the production of their individual responsibilities, company rules and regulations, and the overall company operations and goals.
  2. Existing employees should receive continued training to keep them familiar with any updates to their job responsibilities.
  3. Most industries are ever changing in today’s business world. Updates in technology, changes in production techniques, and overall work methods; these continue to regularly change and evolve. Continued education is paramount in keeping your employees up to date.
  4. Career growth is the fourth area where updated training is a requirement. Advancing employees need to be trained in their higher level responsibilities as they grow with the company.

The benefits of continued training provide and almost an endless list. We address a few of them here:

  1. Morale is highly improved as an employee gains more confidence in their own performance. Well trained employees generally feel more valuable and secure in their role with the company.
  2. Well trained employees require less supervision.
  3. With a well-trained team, workplace accidents decline.
  4. Employees who have a complete knowledge of their job and industry are generally more confident. Confident employees are more often promoted than those who are not.
    Training improves the efficiency and productivity. Properly trained employees show a much higher rate of productivity, in both quantity and quality.

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