How to Safely Celebrate Fourth of July

While a lot of places like amusement parks, resorts and vacation destinations are beginning to phase reopening, there has been much discussion and controversy over the way in which they do so. Whether it be lack of precautionary measures or the implementation of too many, popular leisure and entertainment businesses are now facing the challenges of enforcing their guests to social distance while also making sure their experience is not ruined by safety limitations set in place. 

As July 4th is this weekend, we know everyone is waiting to get the day off and spend time with family and friends. However, while lake trips, family vacations, festive events and other social outings are traditionally expected any other year, 2020 will definitely be different in terms of how to go about celebrating safely. Other than practicing social distancing (which means avoiding large social gatherings and keeping a safe amount of distance in between yourself and others) we wanted to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep yourself healthy this holiday weekend. 

-Even though you may be in quarantine, you can still cook and enjoy some barbeque. Check out these healthy BBQ recipes and learn how to make them even if you don’t have a grill.

-From birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, social distancing (or vehicle) parades have become quite common. For 4th of July, local communities across the country are taking the same approach by decorating their homes as if they were stationary floats.

-With fireworks being one of America’s favorite festivities on Independence Day, most shows have been canceled but some have confirmed virtual showings.

-Host a virtual party on zoom and watch some of your favorite American classics. Be sure to also educate yourself on the history of our country as well as celebrate the stories of ALL Americans.

-Keep the kids preoccupied and entertained with this list of over 400 patriotic craft activities.

-From charades, trivia and bingo to scavenger hunts and pictionary, these virtual games offer ways to participate in safe, patriotic fun.

-Stay active this weekend and run a virtual 5k, 10k or half marathon. You get to choose your race time, location and pace, all while a portion of the proceeds will be benefiting Homes For Our Troops

-Virtually visit these National monuments and museums from the comfort of your own home.