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At Raintree Systems, we are in the business of building products and solutions that make a positive impact on medical professions and the healthcare industry. Our products are designed to bring the power of software and technology to specialized medical fields to enhance and extend the skills of medical professionals in serving their patients. Each year new healthcare technologies and innovative healthcare apps are introduced, and this year is no exception.

 Top 5 New Healthcare Apps

With today’s technology, you can see a doctor immediately and obtain a prescription from your smartphone. New healthcare apps are dramatically making access to the healthcare industry more convenient and affordable while increasing preventative measures. Here are a few of the top new apps. Some are for patients and others are for physicians.

  1. Doctor on Demand. See a doctor, psychologist or lactation specialist for a video consultation, get a prescription or just ask questions.
  2. Talking Lab Counter. For those who do bench work in a lab, this app will help with cell counts by utilizing vibration and sound to give feedback on counts.
  3. HelloMD. Find a specialist and schedule a video appointment, or seek out a second opinion.
  4. PillPack. Pills are put into date and time stamped single packets labeled with name and dosage information and are dispensed in the order they should be taken.
  5. Canadian Guidelines on Sexually Transmitted Infections. This mobile app helps physicians assess STI risk factors and provides treatment recommendations.

These apps, and myriad of others similar to them are creating a more competitive marketplace for health and wellness services by revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Top 5 Innovative Healthcare Technologies

Against the backdrop of a controversial medical device tax and healthcare reform, medical technology corporations are concentrating on products that deliver affordable, faster and more effective patient care. New technologies are constantly in development to help people stay healthy, better diagnose disease, treat illness, and provide a better quality of life. Here are some emerging technologies to watch in the upcoming year:

  1. Printing new skin. Ink-jet printer technology is now being used to print proteins directly onto a burn victim’s body for faster and more thorough healing.
  2. Brain implants to inhibit seizures. The RNS System detects abnormal electrical activity in the brain signaling the onset of a seizure and delivers mild electrical stimulation to block it.
  3. Contact lens to identify glaucoma. A smart contact lens with an embedded microchip monitors intraocular pressure. Glaucoma can be detected sooner and treatment can be monitored to avert blindness.
  4. Artificial pancreas for diabetics. Diabetic patients use a new artificial pancreas that consists of insulin pumps, glucose sensors and regulatory software.
  5. Video Games to hone medical student decision-making skills: Serious video game lets professionals and students practice on 3D video patients using the same interactive techniques and decision-making processes they would use with real patients.

The passion of physicians and researchers for developing the best care for patients drives game changing technologies that provide the greatest impact on healthcare.

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