medical practice managementThe results are in.

Doctors, on average, spend three times more time on their computers than they do with their patients. This amounts to under two hours a day with patients — and over five on a computer.

If you’ve been debating whether to upgrade your medical practice management software, you have compelling reasons to do so.

These programs are often referred to as electronic medical records (EMR) or medical practice management (PM). Whatever you call it, this software can revolutionize your practice.

Read on to learn why your office needs new medical practice management software.

4 Reasons Why You Need New PM Software

As a doctor, you work long hours. But what are you actually doing with all those hours?

Would you like to see more productivity in your office? Would you like an efficient and reliable way to handle your paperwork?

Consider four benefits you gain when you use medical practice management software.

1. More Face Time with Patients

A recent study found that doctors spend an average of 13-16 minutes with each patient. The same study reports that 10% of doctors spend less than nine minutes with each patient.

Why are these numbers so low? For many doctors, it’s because they’re buried in administrative tasks. Outdated PM software simply can’t keep up with the never-ending flow of patient information.

In contrast, the newest software streamlines paperwork and can even automate common tasks. This means you’ll spend much less time hunting down patient records or scheduling follow-up tasks.

The result? You’ll have more time available to care for your patients face-to-face.

2. Easy Access to Information

The earliest PM and EMR systems were one-size-fits-all. It didn’t take software developers long to realize that this approach doesn’t work in the real world.

Doctors and their staff need fast, easy access to the most relevant patient information. Because of the variation between doctors and clinics, management software must also be adaptable.

The best medical practice management software is customizable. It allows you to set individual preferences for when, where, and how you access patient records.

This frees up your valuable time and allows your office to run more efficiently.

3. Financial Reports and Revenue Forecasting

How often do you track the financial health of your practice? With the newest PM software, you can monitor and improve all aspects of your business.

Track your latest marketing efforts to see where you need to make adjustments. You can also see real-time financial reports and forecast revenue to help you make important business decisions.

Ideally, the program you choose should integrate with your existing accounting software. This will allow you to enable such features as automatic invoicing and bill sharing with your accountant.

All these features save you time and keep you on top of your practice’s financial status.

4. More Communication Options for Patients

Do your patients currently have a quick and easy way to contact you? What if they have a simple question about test results or they need to reschedule an appointment?

Rather than tying up the phone line, medical practice management offers patients online access to your office. This is often done through a patient portal or mobile app. There they can view test results, see upcoming appointments, and send in feedback after a follow-up.

Not only does this save you and your staff time, but it creates a better care model for your patients. They’ll also feel more involved in their personal health journey.

Features of PM Software

Now that you know how medical practice management software can benefit your office, let’s look at the best features.


An online scheduler gives you complete control over your practice. Whether you have one small office or you oversee hundreds of locations, a scheduler is a vital component of any PM software.

The best schedulers offer full integration for easy access to patient information. Imagine how much time you could save if you could access anything you needed right from the dashboard screen.

Clinical Documentation

Documentation is the foundation of any medical practice. No matter how big or small your business, you can’t escape the never-ending stream of administrative tasks.

Fortunately, PM software can streamline the process for you. It can handle even the most complicated documenting jobs. It also automatically generates billing codes and applicable charges.

Since no two businesses function alike, you can tailor the templates to suit your office’s unique workflow. You can also create and edit your own groups, lists, and data fields.


Another feature of medical practice management software is easy-to-generate reports.

These reports allow you to increase productivity and better allocate your resources. You track your financial health and take care of payer requirements. You can also ensure you’re complying with government regulations.

Like the other features, reporting is customizable. This means you can control access and usage to specific individuals or groups. You can also enable encrypted passwords or one-touch access to the reports you use the most.

Advanced error detection is another powerful tool in your reporting arsenal. This allows you and your staff to catch and correct mistakes before you send in a claim.


A final feature of PM software is flexible, streamlined billing. Choose from centralized or de-centralized billing models and paper or electronic bills.

Speed up reimbursement time with automated statements and claims processing. Print, email, or fax claims right from your computer. You can also manage worker’s comp, self-pay, insurance, and government payers – all from one place.

And there’s no need to worry about security breaches. For your peace of mind, the software features encrypted HIPAA-approved security controls.

Because it’s integrated, you can also manage your billing remotely. This gives you greater flexibility and can further free up your valuable time.

Final Thoughts on Medical Practice Management

After reading this article, the question isn’t why you should invest in PM software.

The question is: Why shouldn’t you?

Medical practice management software will save you time, money, and aggravation. No matter how large or small your practice, you’re sure to benefit from upgrading to this new software.

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