Pain Medicine EMR & Practice Management Software

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Pain Medicine is one of the most complex medical specialties. In addition to treating patients, Pain Medicine is one of the most highly regulated and managed medical specialties. Physicians and office staff not only have to treat patients efficiently and comprehensively, but also must be “experts” in authorizations, Workers Comp regulations, compliance, reporting and other nuances of this specialty.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Medicine

PainDoc by Raintree Systems is a comprehensive, fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record (EHR) software solution exclusively for Pain Medicine. The program seamlessly integrates the full scope of your practice’s operation while helping to manage the complex nature of treatment, authorizations, compliance, regulatory environment, Workers Comp, billing and AR. Workflows in both your clinical and administrative departments can now be made more efficient and streamlined, leading to improved patient care and enhanced financial management of your organization.

Raintree Systems uses the power of technology to deliver reliable solutions to those in the healthcare industry. Learn about our practice management (PM) and electronic medical record (EMR) software options today. Call us at (800) 333-1033 and let’s talk about how we can help you optimize your processes.

  • Pain Medicine specific EMR & Practice Management
  • Tailor your workflows to how you work
  • Exclusive Task-Based workflows & templates
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Raintree is offering No-Cost Telehealth Solutions and Virtual Communication Tools during the COVID-19 crisis so you can stay connected to patients, staff, referral sources and payors via voice, text, email, and video.

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Get control of your data.  We give you the reports you need to maximize your business.  Use our standard reports or create your own on the fly!

Clinical Documentation

This is how EMR documentation should be.  See how Raintree can simplify all your documentation practices so you can finally get caught up.


Manage schedules seamlessly & access patent schedules directly from the scheduler.  Streamlined efficiency so you can get right to work!


Simplify your life and get clarity on your revenue streams.  Raintree billing functions integrates perfectly so don’t miss a charge

Pain Medicine Tools & Functionality

Efficiency Tools Specifically for Pain Medicine

Raintree helps you manage the complexity of your physical therapy practice.  Easily coordinate all your departments and locations from a single platform.  Only Raintree  gives you the power to grow your business without worrying about outgrowing your EMR & Practice Management tools. Easily add locations, services and staff without having to upgrade your solutions.

  • Pain Management specific scale, graphs, calculators (Oswestry Disability Index)
  • Common pain medicine procedure templates
  • Medication specific templates
  • Automated, randomized medication monitoring through screenings
  • E-prescribing for controlled substance
  • Configurable HL7 interfaces with Toxicology Labs
  • Patient Questionnaires and calculators available directly within EMR and added directly to clinical note
  • Depression Survey
  • Opioid Risk Tool
  • Pain Disability Index
  • Pain Drawing
  • Pain Words
  • Quality of Life Scale
  • Sleep Apnea Test
  • SOAPP Note

Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword.  Raintree is built from the ground-up to streamline all your operations with tools and features specifically for rehab practices.  Custom configurable dashboards, templates, workflows and task management can help make you and your staff an efficiency machine!  Single-screen dashboards display all pertinent patient information so you can seamlessly manage all your patient information easily and quickly

  • Efficiently track patient treatment across time
  • Communicate easily with referring providers
  • Pain Medicine clinical documentation that creates a defensible case for treatment and reimbursement
  • Manage the complexity of clinical treatments by specialty and administration of best practices
  • Consolidated records for patients that come from multiple settings and receive ongoing treatment in another setting (ie Hospital to Clinic / Surgery Center to Clinic / etc)
  • Ability to manage all billing functions regardless of financial class/payor type, etc.
  • Effective RCM tools built into Raintree native functionality
  • Ability to manage provider schedules across multiple facilities and/or settings with specific appointment types designated by date & time.
  • Built-in reporting and custom functions for regulatory requirements.
  • Workflows and alerts specific to Pain Medicine help maintain best practices and regulatory guidelines and recommendations
  • Task and workflow management in support of high-volume practices
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