All-In-One Platform For Pain Management

Empower Providers and Engage Patients 

With Tools Built For Pain Management

Raintree’s browser based EHR features automated workflows and configurable alerts specifically designed to optimize staff productivity, track patient treatments as well as help practices maintain regulatory guidelines. Our collection of efficiency tools include specialty specific documentation, industry-standard tests, diagnostic templates and reporting modules all of which are developed by actual pain management physicians and built to manage the complexities of both small or growing practices. Contact Us!

  • Provider Credentialing Solutions
  • Marketing Tools and Survey Campaigns 
  • Specific Order Sets, Rating Scales, Pain Disability Index and More
  • Consolidated Patient Records and Interdisciplinary Treatment Plans
  • Customizable Reporting Filters, Drill Downs and Drop Down Menus
  • Clinical Quality Measures Reporting & Interactive Analytics (MIPS/MACRA Compliant)

Raintree has been great for our practice in pain management. Not only is it a robust platform for medical records, we use it for billing, practice management and analytics. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone you needs an all in one software tool. 

Inland Pain Medicine
Specialty Specific Clinical Documentation
Solutions By Specialty
Optimize Your Practice
Connect With Patients, Providers and Payors
Telehealth & Engagement
Foster Real Relationships
Automated RCM, Billing and Collections
Interoperable Billing
Keep Your EHR Software
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Advanced BI & Analytics
Make Informed Decisions


Patient Engagement For Pain Management

Leverage Automated Engagement 

and Effectively Foster Real Relationships

While our primary focus is to develop continuity of patient-provider engagement by way of appointment reminders, recall health alerts and standalone telehealth solutions, we also strive to continue making healthcare efficient, accessible and affordable for everyone. With automated mass messaging, remote workforce management features and configurable engagement campaigns, your practice will have access to a variety of communication outlets that will help you elevate patient care as well as streamline clinical operations.

  • Seamless Multi-Facility Scheduling 
  • Patient/Provider Dashboards and Self Check-In Kiosk
  • Patient Questionnaires and Interactive Reporting
  • CRM Functionality (Client Email Blasts, Referral Tracking and More)
  • Embedded Telehealth (Single and Multi-Attendees, Screen Sharing, Virtual Reception)

Take Charge Of Billing Processes and

Streamline Your Patient Revenue Cycle

Our digital healthcare solutions not only help you improve productivity and increase profitability but they also easily coordinate all of your departments and locations from one single platform. Raintree's automated RCM and interoperable billing provides your business with functional tools built to help you process claim exceptions in real time, facilitate e-statements as well as better manage your AR and RCM processes. Get Started Today!

  • E-prescribing Features 
  • Paperless Document Routing
  • Outsourced Billing and Collections Available
  • Order Tracking and Insurance Authorizations
  • Configurable HL7 Interfaces (i.e. Toxicology Labs)
  • Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics (MIPS/MACRA Compliant)
Digital Healthcare Solutions For Pain Management

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