Addressing Patient Engagement

Patient involvement is key to successful healthcare, and technology can be the key to successful patient involvement.  More and more hospitals and medical facilities are relying more on their technology to stay up to date on their individual patients than ever before.

New and emerging technologies can help guarantee patient care beyond the hospital or office setting. These new technologies make it far easier to maintain contact, and therefore better health management of the individual patient wherever they may be. Not to mention appointments and billing & collections.

As healthcare professionals move away from models that treat the sick in favor of those that promote and manage total wellness, the patient’s role is greatly increased. Technology plays a valuable role in “keeping your finger on the pulse” of this sort of treatment. Raintree Systems has the new technologies you need to collect and monitor data that aids you in accomplishing these goals.

Data Collection is Key to Patient Engagement

The data collected and stored for easy access makes it not only possible, but far easier to monitor individual patient information such as diet, blood sugar fluctuations, and exercise habits.  Rosemary Kennedy, an associate professor at Thomas Jefferson University says about data collection, “It just completes the portfolio of information that’s necessary for clinicians to make

[high-] quality, safe decisions for patients, Patients interact with the health care system for brief periods of time, but there’s so much that goes on with their care that they are responsible for right now, it’s like a black box. We don’t have access to that information and, yet, it’s very important in terms of their care delivery.”

In a February study co-written by Kennedy and published in the Journal of Healthcare Management claims that approximately 75% of all healthcare costs can be attributed to chronic conditions. Monitoring, and patient involvement in the treatment of these conditions could prove invaluable to a successful wellness maintenance program.

That being said, doesn’t it behoove all healthcare providers to engage their patients on an intimate level, making them a valued member of the healthcare team? Kennedy claims that getting the patient involved on this level can help reduce healthcare costs by as much as 21%.

The key to getting your patients involved may very well lie in your understanding of not only the individual’s needs, but their personal preferences as well. We cannot assume that one approach will work on all patients. Patients are indeed individuals and need to be approached as such.

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