Raintree Systems EMR FeaturesEMR Systems Increase Efficiency in Physical Therapy Practices

As a physical therapist, your clinic handles a variety of claim types, clinical documents and injuries. Spend more time working with your patients and less time handling the back-office paperwork with an electronic medical records (EMR) system. An EMR system can save you time managing different payer requirements and easily link documents to patient records. See how Raintree Systems can help boost your physical therapy practice with high-quality EMR features.


Whether your practice uses a decentralized or centralized billing model, Raintree Billing works for both electronic and paper billing for a flexible system to work for your business. Claims processing and statement mailings are timely, automated and accurate. Personalize your claims and billing statements then submit electronically, via fax or print. Raintree Systems maintains accuracy through the entire billing process by creating to-do lists with steps for reimbursements and follow-through. The system works well with contracts, self-pay, insurance payers, workers compensation claims, managed care organization claims judgement and government payers. The easy-to-use interface manages all these payers simultaneously and seamlessly on a secure platform that is UB-04 and HCFA 1500 compliant.

Clinical Documentation

Physical therapists can input their clinical notes right into the patient’s chart. The documents integrate seamlessly with every part of the platform. Raintree Systems has easily managed, editable fields for data, lists and groups. Attach documents for claims, x-rays and more to ensure they are properly charged and easy to access during patient visits. The workflows and templates can be easily customized to suit your practice for documentation streamlining. The system can be designed to work the way you do saving you time and money.


By including scheduling into the available EMR features, the system allows the scheduler or physical therapist to set up a schedule of visits for the patient. Not only that, schedulers can access the records to more accurately schedule office visits per the physical therapist’s recommendation. Large practices can utilize the system to integrate scheduling calendars across different locations. Patients can more easily set, change or otherwise modify appointments by calling any location. Physical therapists can alter the schedule as easily as their dedicated scheduling staff.


Raintree Systems generate financial reports easily, so you can easily see how your resources are used and work towards increasing productivity in the organization. The reports can be customized to suit the needs of your practice and are available to satisfy government regulatory mandates and payer requirements. The system detects and notifies users of errors on claims, so they can be fixed before submission. Give access to employees on an individual or group basis with encrypted passwords. Export and import data automatically. Customize your reports for specific carriers, referral source, users, financial class, location or provider. The reports can then be used to streamline inefficiencies.

Raintree Systems allows your physical therapy practice to streamline the organization’s billing, clinical documentation, scheduling and reporting. The EMR features can drastically reduce your time spent on paperwork or looking for the correct information. That saved time can then be used for patient care and provider coordination where your time is better spent. Contact us today for a Demo at info@raintreeinc.com