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Rheumatology EMR & Practice Management

RheumDoc Office Plus by Raintree Systems is a comprehensive, fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solution designed exclusively for Rheumatology practices. As a Rheumatology practice management and EMR solution, RheumDoc Office Plus was developed with Rheumatology specific workflows, which allow you to maximize your face-to-face time with patients, implement superior practice management and meet quality measures.

RheumDoc Office Plus Rheumatology EMR software provides a robust integrated Revenue Cycle Management solution to maximize reimbursements, analytics and reporting, which will increase efficiency and maximize return.

  • Programmed DAS 28 ESR, DAS 44 ESR and HAQ calculators
  • Preset joint homunculus for rapid tabulation of swollen and tender joint counts
  • Rheumatology specific problem lists, order sets and assessment
  • Detailed rheumatology procedures for aspirations, injections and infusions
  • Clinical Research and Patient Tracking Module
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We developed Raintree’s RheumDoc Office Plus EHR in order to provide Rheumatologists with an EHR system that contains a wealth of Rheumatology specific content, to lessen the provider’s documentation time and to increase the focus on patient outcomes—making it a great fit with not only the healthcare models of today, but especially for the Value-Based healthcare model of tomorrow.
Lawrence Leventhal, MD, FACP, FACR, Holy Redeemer Medical Center & President, Comprehensive Arthritis Care Consultants Chief of Rheumatology
This EMR frontloads detailed patient information, allowing you to focus on outcomes and direct patient care by automatically generating Rheumatology outcome measures from the chart—Outcome measures that will be directly related to your revenues.
Lawrence Leventhal, MD, FACP, FACR, Holy Redeemer Medical Center & President, Comprehensive Arthritis Care Consultants Chief of Rheumatology
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Raintree is offering No-Cost Telehealth Solutions and Virtual Communication Tools during the COVID-19 crisis so you can stay connected to patients, staff, referral sources and payors via voice, text, email, and video.

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Manage schedules seamlessly & access patent schedules directly from the scheduler.  Streamlined efficiency so you can get right to work!

Clinical Documentation

This is how EMR documentation should be.  See how Raintree can simplify all your documentation practices so you can finally get caught up.


Get control of your data.  We give you the reports you need to maximize your business.  Use our standard reports or create your own on the fly!


Simplify your life and get clarity on your revenue streams.  Raintree billing functions integrates perfectly so don’t miss a charge

Clinical Research & Patient Tracking Module

RheumDoc Office Plus Clinical Research and Patient Tracking Module is designed to assist Rheumatologists participating in clinical research trials.  RheumDoc Office Plus is the first Rheumatology-specific EMR and Practice Management software with features and functionality to address the needs of Rheumatologists participating in clinical research trials.  These new advance features will allow Rheumatologists to:

  • Query patient records to determine eligibility for a specific clinical trial, based on protocols
  • Track every visit to meet the requirements for the study
  • Track patient payments (Cling Card)
  • Track the budget for the trial
  • Run advanced reports based on the clinical trial, visits, and outcomes

Amazing Efficiency Tools Specifically for Rheumatologists

Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword.  Raintree is built from the ground-up to streamline the complexity of a Rheumatology practice.  Custom configurable dashboards, templates, workflows and task management can make you and your staff an efficiency machine!  Single-screen dashboards display all pertinent patient information so you can seamlessly manage all your patient information easily and quickly

  • Track multiple episodes of care in one patient record
  • Email or fax documents to referring and participating providers from the system
  • Automated electronic insurance eligibility verification
  • Automated appointment reminder capabilities
  • Auto-posting of insurance remittance payments (EOB)

Seamless Integration Of All Your Departments!

Raintree helps you manage the complexity of your practice with the power of an Rheumatology EMR & Practice Management platform designed for Rheumatologists.  Easily coordinate all you departments and locations from a single platform.  Only Raintree  give you the power to grow your business without worrying about outgrowing your EMR and Practice Management tools.  Easily add locations, services and staff without having to upgrade your solutions.

  • Automatically generate appropriate billing codes directly from your clinical documentation
  • Same day billing is possible because all billing codes are generated during clinical documentation
  • Scan current patient documents and charts into the system
  • Assign procedural follow-up tasks  to individuals or groups- regardless of location
  • Precisely configure the functional steps of each employee’s roles, responsibilities and access level
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