Raintree is a healthcare solutions software that offers affordable EHR efficiency tools that allow you to custom build solutions, streamline RCM and optimize Practice Management. We are the preferred technical partner and solutions provider in the healthcare industry and our specialty markets include and are not limited to behavioral health, pain management, chiropractics, pulmonology, bariatrics, and rheumatology.


Clinical Documentation




Raintree offers comprehensive, fully integrated software solutions designed specifically to support clinical documentation and administrative billing for podiatry practices.

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With highly configurable dashboards, workflows and procedure templates, Raintree offers powerful enterprise-level solutions for pulmonology and sleep medicine practices.

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Pain Management

Raintree streamlines operations by helping you manage the complexities of treatments, authorizations, compliance, billing and collections.

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Behavioral Health

Whether it be group therapy, addiction management, clinical counseling and more, Raintree’s solutions give you access to specialty specific templates, clinical lab interfaces, secured eRX as well as simplified reporting features.

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With efficient patient tracking and appointment analytics, Raintree helps you consolidate records, manage workflows as well as support interoperable RCM and Billing tools.

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Raintree’s clinical research and patient tracking modules are designed to assist rheumatologists with visit analytics, advanced reporting and automated patient engagement tools. 

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The newly enhanced RTConnect platform serves as a virtual communication hub for remote healthcare workers to engage with patients, teams, providers, referral sources and payors via automated messaging, availability management and telehealth solutions.

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Improve profitability and maximize your practice with our innovative, interoperable RCM, Billing and Collections tools that can help you simplify reporting, increase workflow efficiency, improve cash flows, reduce rejected claims as well as decrease total costs of operation.

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Raintree has been very adaptable in growing with us and meeting our needs with a lot of progress and customizable development. 

David Horwitz, Pediatric Associates of New York City

Raintree is one software that provides billing, management and EHR for healthcare providers, making it easy to manage and control your practice.

Melika Hesseltine, Inland Pain Medicine

From an operational standpoint, we are able to go from beginning to end of a patients’ journey, with the steps we created and customized in Raintree.

Sherry Dwyer, Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas