Raintree Security

Raintree Systems HIPAA-Compliant Security Controls and Features

Encrypted security controls ensure patient confidentiality and meet federal, state and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Controlled access and usage rights for administrator-defined groups, individual users or a custom set of strict user and usage criteria.

Trails auditing and reporting functionality provides a chronological record of system resource usage including user login and file access.

Utilizes standard code sets, identifiers and security when submitting medical claims electronically via the HIPAA-Compliant Security Controls ANSI ASC X12N standard format.

    • HIPAA-Compliant Security Controls – 128-bit encrypted remote-access security controls
    • HIPAA ANSI ASC X12N-standard electronic claims and forms submission using standard code sets, identifiers and security
    • Tracking, recording and reporting of logins/users, workstations, dates, times and accessed information
    • Advanced features for fault-tolerant authentication and access control