It seems that everyone has a smartphone.  In fact, 81% of all Americans actually own a smartphone and rely on them for everything from normal communication to managing aspects of their daily lives.  Ten years ago, it would have been funny for someone to say they are lost without their phone but now people truly get lost without their phone’s GPS.  So how does the smartphone culture impact healthcare?

.  A recent article in MedCity News identified a study that said:

“ Patients recall only 40 percent of the information they receive in a medical setting. Even more unsettling is the fact that nearly half of what patients recall turned out to be erroneous. Push notifications, delivered in a compliant manner, can help with understanding.

Another study showed that only 27 percent of patients fully comply with their treatment regimens and that 40 percent believed they could do better if they receive timely reminders and advice from their providers.”

To put this in perspective, up to 73% of physical therapy patients will not finish their Plan of Care, BUT 40% would do better if “they receive timely reminders and advice from their providers”Timely reminders…..a perfect use for text messages.

The administrative costs and lost revenue resulting from missed and/or canceled appointments could mean the difference between being a profitable practice and losing money.  This is revenue you were expecting to receive and third-party payors had committed to pay.  Having a text messaging communication tools for your practice can dramatically increase the arrival rate for patients

Here are three basic ways texting can positively improve your practice:

  • Improve Your Bottom Line: more visits/treatments means increased revenue
  • Improve Clinical Outcomes: completing a treatment plan improves patient outcomes
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: happy patients refer more people and promote your practice.   A study of 35,000 physician reviews posted online shows that 96 percent of complaints could be linked to poor communications or poor customer service by physicians or office staff.

 How Can We Help:

By leveraging Raintree’s Engagement Center, you can elevate communication with your patients by utilizing data-driven texting and email capabilities available in both TherapyRehab Plus and PediatricTherapy Plus.  Fully HIPAA compliant, Raintree’s Engagement Center gives you the ability to communicate in the way that people expect.  81% of all Americans own a smart phone and texting is the method that most people use for immediate and direct communication. Our clients use texting for everything from appointment reminders, Home Exercise Program Reminders, therapist communication, Online Bill Pay reminders and normal clinic/patient communication.   Simple, effective and beneficial to both clinic and patient, texting can help bridge the communication gap between you and your patients.