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Raintree_SiteBlue_SM_SM Tree LogoRaintree Systems is a provider of integrated patient registration, scheduling, electronic medical records, E-Prescribing, billing/collections and management reporting within a single application; empowering organizations to improve client/patient care, streamline workflows and enhance profitability. Raintree has a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction in Physical Rehabilitation,  Long-Term Pediatric Rehabilitation, Surgery, Behavioral & Mental Health, Bariatrics, Rheumatology, and Billing Service industries.  Our customers includes commercial, non-profit, educational and government agencies across the US and Canada.

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Our “Why”

It seems like an odd thing to say, but “Our Why” is what drives us to innovate & create products and services that make a real & measurable impact on the lives of medical providers, doctors, nurses, administrators and patients.

Why We Are In This Business
Raintree Systems is a group of dedicated people with a passion to solve the real-world problems of the businesses and individuals working, managing and running medical offices in a specialized field of medicine

Real People, Solving Real Problems for Real People

How We Do It
Raintree develops Value Based Solutions for the Health Care Industry.  All our products are built with the specific purpose of providing real value to the provider, practice and patient.  All our tools, software and services are designed to be powerful, intuitive and easy to use so that the individuals that use our products can be more effective at their jobs and provide an elevated level of patient care.

What We Do
We develop Practice Management &
EMR solutions and services for under-served medical specialties to enable individuals in those specialties to operate in a software environment that:

  • Speaks the language of their specialty
  • Addresses specific challenges of their specialty practice
  • Provides specific value to that specialty through the use of software and/or service
EMR Practice Managment
EMR Practice Managment
EMR, Practice Managment, Raintree Systems
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Our Reputation Is Only As Positive As Our Last Implementation!

Our client's satisfaction is our most important goal. If you are ready to Experience the Raintree Difference, we would love to hear from you
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