Raintree Systems - Top 4 Benefits of Implementing EMR Software in Your Pediatric Practice

Pediatric Physical Therapists are getting on board with fully electronic systems in their practice and as the number of benefits grow, so too does interest in pediatric therapy EMR software. Electronic medical records don’t just offer convenience and ease for medical professionals (though that is one undeniable benefit), but they also offer an opportunity to provide the best level of care to patients and their families. For many healthcare professions, an EMR system isn’t just about good business anymore—it’s about good practice.

If you’ve been holding out on implementing EMR software in your practice, it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable. This post outlines the top four reasons pediatric physical therapists are utilizing EHR software, and why you need to be using it too.

Monitor Patient Growth 

As a pediatric physical therapist, it is crucial that you understand a patient’s growth patterns and that you can track changes as they occur. With EMR software you can store height and weight data in a safe and easy-to-access location, available to you whenever you need it. This can make it easier for you to prepare for patient appointments and to devise appropriate treatment plans.

Account for Pediatric-Specific Issues 

Many children in physical therapy have unique issues not commonly found in adult patients, such as colds, flus, ADHD and autism. Knowing about these types of medical issues can help therapists better understand the unique challenges each individual faces and devise a way to help them overcome them. EMR software also allows therapists and family physicians to share patient progress and to work together to achieve optimal health.

Customize the System To Meet Your Unique Needs

Implementing an EMR system into your pediatric office may seem like a daunting task. Moreover, it may seem pointless, as most pediatric patients move on within a couple of years. However, despite the immediate challenges EMR technology may present, once implemented, it can help overcome some of the ongoing ones in your practice. Enjoy faster and more frequent charting, more easily track patient progress, increase billing output, streamline patient care and much more with ease. Adjust the program with pediatric-specific criteria to account for the sudden growth bursts and other changes children are prone to.

Monitor Immunizations 

Though you may not necessarily use a child’s immunization record when conducting treatment, it’s always handy to know precisely what diseases a child is and is not prone to. This information can help you safely treat a child as well as protect the rest of your patients. For instance, if a patient is not able to get the MMR immunization and his or her medical records indicate that he or she has a rash and fever, you can ask the patient’s parent to reschedule until the child has been determined healthy by his or her pediatric physician.

From making it easier to monitor patient growth to being able to account for the unique issues facing pediatric patients, pediatric EMR software can be the all-around helping hand you didn’t know you were missing. To learn more about Raintree Systems’ solutions, request a product walk-through today.