Photo: Physical Therapy Office

Physical therapy practices are entrusted with providing patients with excellent care while dealing with the ever-growing complexities and challenges of effectively running their practice. Unlike other medical specialties, physical therapy offices are often left lagging behind in solution-based technology due to their unique nature. For years, physical therapy practices have been working to find solutions that completely integrate the manual paper and electronic systems that they work with simultaneously.

Because physical therapy practices need and want to provide the best possible care, they need an EMR system with components that measure up to the demands of managing a physical therapy office. The good news is that physical therapy software does exist to meet the demands and complex needs of practices of all sizes.

With the right features, EMR software can streamline your workflow and operational processes. Here are the 4 top features to look for.

Web-Based Physical Therapy EMR

Physical therapy practices have a choice between server based and web-based EMR software. While there are advantages to each, web-based EMR provides benefits that can’t be found with server-based software, especially for smaller physical therapy practices.

For example, physical therapy services used to be offered only in the office. Changing standards in health care have made it possible for therapists to meet their patients on site, making web-based EMR essential for accurate and complete documentation and care.

Clinical Documentation

The clinical documentation features of a physical therapy EMR system should be designed to track multiple episodes of patient care, including sessions at different locations, in one complete patient record. This makes it easy for physical therapists to easily assess their patients’ progress and evaluate their course of treatment.


For most physical therapy practices, billing is one of their largest uses of resources. With healthcare laws and insurance regulations changing regularly, an EMR system that simplifies the process and keeps your practice up to date on compliance with Medicare and other regulatory agencies is a must.

Physical therapy EMR software helps to streamline the billing processes by accessing special billing rules and payer requirements as a part of clinical reporting. EMR software helps avoid costly billing errors by automatically ensuring that insurance claims match what’s on clinical documentation.

Seamless Integration

Physical therapy practices rely on EMR software to not only coordinate records with outside providers, but also within separate departments of their own practice. EMR software that’s built with physical therapy practices in mind contains practice management tools that take charge of scheduling, patient documentation, updates in billing and managing the staff’s schedules, responsibilities and roles in patient treatment.

When You Need a Specialized EMR Solution for Your Growing Physical Therapy Practice

During every operating hour of your physical therapy practice, your singular focus should be on providing patients with top-level care. Given the complexities of running a practice, it’s easy to see how interruptions in workflow and management systems directly impact patient care.

We’re also invested in the quality of care that patients receive, which is why we’ve developed EMR software that performs for physical therapy offices. For more information about our EMR software and what it can do for your practice, contact Raintree Systems today.