Twin Boro Physical Therapy has been providing New Jersey residents with the highest quality rehabilitation services since 1980 and has grown into New Jersey’s largest private physical therapy practice, with 22 locations in 9 counties throughout New Jersey.

Matthew Bock, Business Development Director at Twin Boro Physical Therapy manages a team of 4 collectors who process in excess of 20,000 visits per month. Due to a number of factors, Twin Boro PT and Bock wanted to enhance the efficiency and power of their systems and processes with improved collections. August 2015 Twin Boro launched the RevEdition platform with the foundational goal of improving their denial rates which at the time were exceeding 10%.

Raintree’s RevEdition

RevEdition is Raintree Systems’ advanced revenue cycle management module. RevEdition is integrated directly into Raintree’s EMR and practice management solution. The Raintree’s RevEdition module gives your business “next-level” RCM capabilities:

  • Manage your AR based on “Claim View” instead of “Account View”
  • Customization settings to manage follow up cycle based on payer patterns
  • Only working claim exceptions instead of account agings
  • Reporting and tools to collect payments faster & measure staff productivity
  • Advanced Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) tools to streamline billing and collection efforts
  • Manage insurance contract variances
  • Rejection & Denial management tools
  • Exception-based payment management tools

Early Adopter Pros and Cons

It’s often said trail-blazers and first adopters end up with arrows in their backs! Trail-blazers and first adopters are also the ones who take home the gold through their determination and perseverance. At first Matthew and his team felt like they were taking all the arrows due to the huge learning curve they went through! “The launch was tough and we struggled at first as you do with any learning curve but the Raintree team comprised of Errki, Brendon, and Jessica lead by Chris Borse were extremely supportive every step of the way.”

Matthew Bock championed Raintree saying “Once the Raintree team customized our application for our specific needs we started to experience all the promises of a more efficient system. We started with our billing department and now our follow-up queue is lightning fast, taking only 1-2 minutes per patient. We saw a 10-11% improvement in collections with no change in staffing. Our queues are now within the top 5 of Raintree. We’ve even implemented a bonus program for our collectors.”

You Choose How How to Run Your Company

At RTUC16 (Nashville) Matt talked to a lot of other PT’s about their RevEdition experience and learned that some gave up too early, commenting “our new system is more flexible than ever imagined. RevEdition lets you choose how you want to run your company (tasks vs aging) and the automations – streamlines our daily redundancies.”

Bock says, “If you use RevEdition you’ll get so much further ahead, we were fully operational by March 2016 and today a complete custom implementation probably would only take 2 months but you must have a plan and you’ll want the core support group from Raintree. I feel like the “all seeing Wizard of OZ” with a better more powerful tool to manage and educate my team. We’re catching problems in 2-3 days that use to take 2-3 weeks!” RevEdition is a management tool and enterprise is the way to go!

Don’t wait. Find out if RevEdition is right for your practice or organization. To learn more about Twin Boro visit them at