The Raintree Platform is a truly unique EMR and Practice Management (PM) software.  Our unique task and rule based system allows users to easily define their own workflows, processes & tasks.  Other EMR and PM software usually make you work within what they determine are “best practices.”  Their systems simply cannot adapt to how you work, so they make you use their workflow and processes.

Raintree gives you the flexibility to build in your own “Best Practices” directly into your EMR and Practice Management (PM) software.  We adapt to you, so you can continue to work in the way that is best for you, your staff and your practice.

    • Easily define your own workflows, processes and best practices and build it directly into your Raintree EMR and Practice Management (PM) software.
    • Rules and Tasks keep everything moving along so nothing gets missed
    • See everything from your administrative dashboard so you can see bottlenecks in your workflows