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How to Streamline Your RCM

With states and government officials easing restrictions and beginning to authorize phased reopening, medical practices will certainly begin to see a revitalized surge in patient visits while society continues to learn how to adapt to the new normal. Over time, schedules will start to fill

How to Financially Optimize Your Business During a Pandemic

While society is just beginning to reopen in phases, the healthcare industry has been facing this new “normal” for quite some time. Whether it be advocating for financial stability or adapting to alternative methods of treatment, therapy practices, behavioral health agencies, specialty clinics and other

The New Healthcare in 2021

With the many lessons learned over the course of this past year, 2021 presents us with its fair share of both residual challenges and promising opportunities. As advancing technology continues to push through communication barriers and fundamentally revive the healthcare industry, software companies, like Raintree,