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About Raintree Systems​

Raintree is the preeminent platform for enterprise and mid-sized therapy provider organizations. Our award-winning solutions in patient engagement and communications, clinical documentation, revenue cycle management (RCM), and business intelligence are tailored to the needs of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and ABA practices across all treatment settings.

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Our Why

“To help therapy professionals to give better care and achieve superior outcomes for everyone.”


We are focused on and experts in one important niche.

Better Care

We strive to enable more time spent with patients, more accurate diagnosis, and deliver better plans of care.

Superior Outcomes

This better care delivers better patient outcomes.


We enable clients to attract and treat more patients. We aspire to make therapy more accessible to all that need it.

How Raintree Helps You Succeed

Providing software solutions, best practices, and services that drive efficiency, compliance, and clinical effectiveness.

Award-Winning Technology For Rehab Therapy

Fuel Your
Revenue Cycle

A Total Patient
Engagement Experience

Raintree Core Values

Rainees Put Our Clients First

We love to share our client's success. Every decision we make and every action we take is guided by the question; "how will this make our clients more successful at getting better outcomes for more patients?"

Rainees Are
Open And Honest

We are very transparent with one another. We are sincere, speak our minds, and give truthful feedback. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards in all that we do.

Rainees Are Disciplined, Yet Flexible

We operate in a way that is highly repeatable and scalable. However, we do not let process override good decision-making. "Flexibility" means finding better ways to do things and then making the new way repeatable. It doesn't mean doing things differently each time.

Solve Problems

Problem-Solving is in our DNA. Whether the problem is small or large, we thrive when we are developing innovative solutions.

Rainees Are Committed to Greatness

We approach every day with a commitment to be the best and most successful operator in our space.

We Are One Passionate Family

We operate as one team that collaborates together and seeks out one another's company. Rainees look to lift one another up. A Rainee will never allow another Rainee to fail if it can be reasonably avoided.

Client Testimonials

"We've been with Raintree for over 14 years and love it!"

- Medical Success Systems

"We are ecstatic to be working with this team and are really looking forward to the efficiencies Raintree will afford us."

- Circle of care

"Raintree provides great value for smooth transitions."

- Rehab Visions

A simple mockup of an eBook titled: The Impact of Customer Experience on Practice Revenue."

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