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Occupational Therapy Hero

Raintree = No More Generic Documentation

We make daily note-taking simple without ever sacrificing the power of flexible functionality. And what’s more, Raintree is occupational therapist-friendly…

Specialty-Specific Notes

  • Detailed hand, wrist, and elbow templates
  • OT Patient Questionnaries

Charts and Questionnaires

  • Neuro exams
  • OT assessments (i.e. motor skills or sensory integration
Undraw Data Reports 706V Copy Lines

We're the Only Occupational Therapy EMR You'll Ever Need

So what does all-in-one mean? Well, our scalable EMR provides your occupational therapy practice with much more than just clinical efficiencies. Raintree also includes unlimited reporting, billing, and patient engagement capabilities, such as:

“Raintree’s staff is very responsive, and knowledgeable, and they truly want to listen to their customers. They have a flexible product and do not seem to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.”

— Olympic Sports and Spine