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Improve efficiency and productivity in your practice with Raintree Systems’ practice management and electronic medical records solutions. We offer products designed to optimize your operational and administrative requirements.

As a medical practitioner, you want to give your patients the best possible experience. You want to provide the highest quality of service while maintaining work-life balance. With Raintree Systems’ solutions, you do things more quickly and efficiently, so you can have more time and energy for providing the best care for your patients.

Choose among our range of software systems designed for practices specializing in different fields of medicine.

-Solving Real Problems for Real People-

Real People

We love our job. We love what we do because we get to work with real medical professionals solving the real problems and challenges in their business.

We believe that if you are going to trust your business and your patients to a company like ours, you should get to know us, our vision and what makes us different. We certainly want to understand you, your business and the unique and amazing things you’re doing to provide patient care.

Raintree Systems is a group of dedicated people with a passion to solve the real-world problems and challenges of businesses and individuals working, managing and running offices in a specialized field of medicine. For over 30 years, our focus has been to build products and solutions that make a positive impact on medical professionals as well as the healthcare industry. Our products are designed to bring the power of software and technology to specialized medical fields to enhance and extend the skills of medical professionals in serving their patients.

Solving Real Problems

Raintree Systems has developed the most comprehensive Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for specialized medical practices. There are thousands of software options for Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), but the vast majority of these focus on general medical practices and large enterprise hospital systems. There are large Fortune 500 companies that make PM and EMR systems but their focus is different from Raintree.
We have purposely chosen to focus our software on medical fields that are overlooked and under-served by the large PM and EMR software developers.

We specifically chose to focus on under-served markets because often they are often forced to use software tools that don’t fit their businesses and in some cases make their jobs even harder. We work with experts to develop software that complements and streamlines their workflows to fit their needs. Our dynamic architecture is flexible so that users can customize the software to fit their needs. In addition, the Raintree Platform is so flexible that each user can have templates, tasks, reports and workflows built specifically for them.

For Real People

Healthcare and medicine is a people business. No matter how much technology we put into a practice, real people will always be involved. Doctors, nurses, administrators and patients must interact with technology while providing medical care.

As medicine and healthcare delivery becomes more complex, real people have to deal with the new changes and challenges that arise. Raintree seeks to reduce the complexity of modern medicine by leveraging software and technology so medical providers can focus on what really counts…….improving patient care and medical outcomes.

We chose Raintree because we have a very complex business. We can cover all our bases from billing to clinical documentation and we can also be more efficient.
Michelle Blankenship, Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland Eastern Shore
We have used Raintree to go from a simple billing software to a much more sophisticated system that has allowed us to become a very streamlined operation. It has been able to grow with us as our needs have changed.
Dr. David Horwitz, Pediatric Associates of New York
From an operational standpoint, we can go from beginning to end with all the steps in-between…you can’t miss a step. It takes you step by step and we are in control all of those steps, we created every one of them in Raintree.
Sherry Dwyer, Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas
We developed Raintree’s RheumDoc Office Plus EHR in order to provide Rheumatologists an EHR system that contains a wealth of Rheumatology specific content, to lessen the provider’s documentation time and to increase the focus on patient outcomes—making it a great fit with not only the healthcare models of today, but especially for the Value-Based healthcare model of tomorrow. This EMR front-loads detailed patient information, allowing you to focus on outcomes and direct patient care by automatically generating Rheumatology outcome measures from the chart—Outcome measures that will be directly related to your revenues.
Lawrence Leventhal, MD, FACP, FACR, Holy Redeemer Medical Cente and President, Comprehensive Arthritis Care Consultants Chief of Rheumatology
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