If Your EMR Can’t Handle Your Unique Needs, You’re in the Right Place.

Raintree is the Leading EMR for Speech Language Pathology

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How Would We Describe Our EMR? Scalable, Simple, and All Things Speech!

Not only can you track multiple episodes of care in one patient record or easily scan documents directly into the system, but Raintree’s all-in-one EMR is built specifically with speech-language pathologists and speech therapists in mind. 

Pediatric and Adult

  • SLP-specific note templates for both
  • Digital past medical history with feeding and speech selections
  • SLP-specific auto coding and billing rules (e.g. units, modifiers, etc.)

Speech Specific Notes, Charts, and More

  • Comprehensive speech evaluations and built-in assessments
  • SLP standardized tests like CELF, CASL, NOMS, etc. (Both adult and peds)
  • Swallow, communication, concussion, and voice exam templates
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Speech Therapy Billing, Outcome Reporting, and Much More

Whether it’s inefficient workflows or insufficient training, our speech-language pathology EMR software comes complete with comprehensive documentation and interactive customer support. Plus, Raintree’s automated workflows, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement all help take care of what matters most – the health of you, your practice, and your patients!

“We love Raintree’s customer service, the user groups, the financial reporting, and the availability of the knowledge base. Having access to these things allows our organization to function at a much higher capacity.”

— Dearborn Speech and Sensory Center, INC (AKA Metro EHS)