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Client Testimonial: Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy

Located in multiple counties throughout Michigan, Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services has been serving communities since 1993. They offer a wide variety of quality pediatric therapy services and truly redefine the word “specialize” with their incredible list of physical, occupational and speech therapy-oriented programs:

Client Testimonial: Autism Treatment Center

Founded in Dallas in 1976, the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) began as a group of six concerned parents with the same problem: their children with autism had been “aged-out” of their treatment programs and no longer had access to services or the support that they still needed. Putting their heads together, these parents went on to become the board of directors for the newly created …

Client Testimonial: Coastline Therapy Group

Coastline Therapy Group is a private practice located in North Carolina that specializes in speech, physical and occupational therapy for patients of all ages. They go above and beyond to reach their patients by working closely with daycares, schools and learning centers to facilitate flexible treatment plans that keep children, their parents as well as caregivers up-to-date.

Client Testimonial: Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy

Based in Pennsylvania and primarily serving the greater Harrisburg area, Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy has multiple locations dedicated to specialized physical therapy for patients experiencing chronic pain, prolonged discomfort or recovering from an injury. As part of their diligent consultation process, they utilize diagnostic methods such as movement investigation and gait analysis to create a unique healing experience for every patient. Each treatment plan …

Client Testimonial: Washington Health System

Established in 1897, the expansive Washington Health System (WHS) provides compassionate patient and family-centered care in over 40 facilities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Since then, their commitment to delivering the highest quality of care has positioned themselves as a leader in healthcare safety and valued patient experiences.

Client Testimonial: Senior Therapy Solutions

Operating out of Florida, Senior Therapy Solutions provides indispensable outpatient rehabilitation to residents in assisted living programs. Some of the services they offer include physical, occupational and speech therapy. “The software is flexible and thorough. It meets our needs.” – Senior Therapy Solutions