Patient Engagement

Benefits of Integrated Therapy in Schools

Integrated therapy in schools has become a common approach to offering therapeutic services such as occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to students in an educational environment. Similar to push-in therapy, where services are rendered in the

Multi-sensory Environments in Occupational Therapy

Created as a method of sensory therapy, a multi-sensory environment is a dedicated, flexible space with specialized equipment designed to provide an immersive experience that promotes interaction and relaxation while also stimulating senses. This idea is built around the philosophy that everyone is affected by

How to Manage Patient Expectations: Why Reviews Matter

When it comes to establishing a positive online reputation for your therapy and rehab practice, cultivating Google reviews with the help of other engagement tools is paramount. Often these reviews play a vital role in a patient’s first impression, which can set off a chain

Modernizing Healthcare Engagement with SMS: Provider Tactics for Texting

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t sending and receiving personal texts every day. However, texting isn’t just for social interaction; it can be a powerful tool in all varieties of business and is especially useful in the healthcare industry. From enhancing clinical

How Telehealth Has Advanced From 2020

While it’s been a long pandemic, so much has happened in improving how virtual care is delivered! Join us today as we admire the incredible advancements of telehealth since 2020 as well as learn how Raintree’s patient engagement tools have evolved to meet new patient

Client Testimonial: Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy

Located in multiple counties throughout Michigan, Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services has been serving communities since 1993. They offer a wide variety of quality pediatric therapy services and truly redefine the word “specialize” with their incredible list of physical, occupational and speech therapy-oriented programs:

Client Testimonial: Autism Treatment Center

Founded in Dallas in 1976, the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) began as a group of six concerned parents with the same problem: their children with autism had been “aged-out” of their treatment programs and no longer had access to services or the support that they

Client Testimonial: Coastline Therapy Group

Coastline Therapy Group is a private practice located in North Carolina that specializes in speech, physical and occupational therapy for patients of all ages. They go above and beyond to reach their patients by working closely with daycares, schools and learning centers to facilitate flexible

Client Testimonial: Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy

Based in Pennsylvania and primarily serving the greater Harrisburg area, Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy has multiple locations dedicated to specialized physical therapy for patients experiencing chronic pain, prolonged discomfort or recovering from an injury. As part of their diligent consultation process, they utilize diagnostic

National Birth Defects Prevention Month

It’s officially 2022 and while January is not only the time for new year’s resolutions, it also happens to be National Birth Defects Prevention Month. So, whether you’re looking to plan a family or are a healthcare provider who delivers pediatric care, we’ve compiled some