Is Your EMR Actually All-In-One?

Our EMR for ABA Can Handle Any Clinical and Billing Scenario

Applied Behavioral Analysis Aba

Easy ABA Documentation = More Engagement Opportunities

Raintree’s EMR for applied behavioral analysis simplifies daily note taking and helps your ABA practice prioritize patient relationships. Plus, our all-in-one EMR lets you collect data, summarize sessions, as well as capture charges all in one note in addition to customizing behavior intervention plans and being able to document visits in the same system as other referral providers.

“Raintree’s Support is very knowledgeable and provides timely feedback. Their software is user-friendly and adaptive to both our therapy and billing needs.”

— Wendell Fosters Campus

Flexible Functionality That is ABA Therapist-Friendly

Whether it’s scheduling, data collection, patient engagement, or charge capture, Raintree is the most powerful and flexible EMR for ABA practices. With scalable tools built to manage complex billing rules, interactive reporting modules that track supervision hours, and specialty-specific assessments that drive data collection worksheets – we’re the only EMR you’ll ever need!