MIPS Reporting in 2024: Resource Center for Rehab Therapists​

Top questions from PT, OT, SLP, and rehab therapy, answered by the compliance experts here at Raintree.

Three People Helping Each Other With Statistics And Charts

What Do I Need to Know About the CY 2024 Final Rule?

Physician Fee Schedule Updates for PT, OT, SLP, and Multi-Specialty Therapy Practices.

Despite a 3.4% cut to the conversion factor, the 2024 Final Rule contains some wins for rehab therapists—and some big changes, too!

MIPS, MVPs, QPP - What Do They Mean?

Get Started With Improving Your MIPS Lexicon

A New Pathway for MIPS Reporting

Introducing the Rehabilitation Support for Musculoskeletal Care MVP

Do Rehab Therapists Need Certified EHR Technology?

Physician Fee Schedule Updates for PT, OT, SLP, and Multi-Specialty Therapy Practices.

Why Should Rehab Therapists Be Sharing Patient Information?

How Interoperability Can Improve Treatment Outcomes and More

How Could MIPS Payment Adjustments Affect the Future of My Practice?

Meeting the MIPS Performance Threshold Will Determine Your Payment Adjustment in 2026

Can I Prevent a Downward Payment Adjustment?

Understanding MIPS Hardship Exceptions

Tune In to the Conversation

Rehab Therapy Leaders and Experts Discuss

The Only ONC-Certified EHR Designed for Rehab Therapy

Raintree Systems is a leading provider of software for PT, OT, SLP, ABA and multi-specialty practices. Our all-in-one platform includes the only certified EHR designed specifically for rehab therapy.

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