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Is Your Telehealth Missing What You and Your Patients Need?

Get to Know an All-in-One Telehealth Solution

Raintree Systems | Therapy &Amp; Rehab Is A Leader In Telemedicine On G2
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Telehealth That Facilitates Therapy And Rehab

We hear it all the time. Telehealth solutions on the market today don’t have everything that is needed for modern therapy and rehab practices. That’s where Raintree comes in.

Sessions utilizing Raintree’s telehealth tools offer so much more than just a standard video call. With self-mute capabilities, virtual backgrounds, and the option to accommodate multiple participants at a time, your therapists can provide virtual physical, speech, and occupational therapy for individuals or in a group setting!

Telehealth Made For Therapy And Rehab

Raintree’s comprehensive embedded telehealth options provide continuity of care for patients who need to transition to digital therapy, ensuring high patient retention rates, increased coverage, and lighter staff workload – the ultimate convenience for therapists and patients alike!

Help your therapy and rehab patients easily transition into digital healthcare with telehealth features that offer engagement on the same level as in-office appointments.

Virtual Waiting Room

Provide a safe and stress-free environment for your patients to prepare for their appointment with digital intake forms and reduced wait times.

Screen Sharing Options

Securely share real-time explanations, medical information, or other resources on your screen and encourage your patients to share theirs when appropriate.

Multi-attendee Participants

Offer isolated patients the support and connection of loved ones during appointments, educate caregivers on prescribed treatments, and allow group therapy sessions with the capability for patients and their contacts to take part together.
Raintree Really Kept Us Alive!
“When Covid first hit, we had a hard time getting patients to engage with telehealth, but Raintree really kept us alive by recapturing visits that we could not have before.”
Ivy Rehab
Extremely Helpful!
“Raintree has been wonderful about adding appointment types and modifiers for telehealth services. Their representatives have been kind, patient and extremely helpful in preparing us for the scheduling and billing of a whole new method of patient care. It is so comforting to know that whatever new challenges we may face, Raintree is always there to help us prepare for it”
Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center of the Northshore
User-Friendly and Adaptive!
“Raintree’s support is very knowledgeable and provides timely feedback. Their help and training throughout the COVID-19 crisis has been exceptional. Their software is user friendly and adaptive to our therapy and billing needs.”
Wendell Foster’s Campus