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12 Trends and Emerging Technologies in Rehab Therapy [2023]

Like much of healthcare, rehabilitation therapy is undergoing a transformation. Therapists are increasingly moving away from one-size-fits-all treatment plans to provide patient-centered care that meets the patient’s unique needs and goals. This broad shift is leading to changes like value-based care, home care, health tech

When to Adopt New Technology in Physical Therapy (or Not!)

At what point do you admit that old processes no longer serve you? And how do you know when new products are too good to be true?

We’re here to help you decide when to seek out new tech for your PT practice—and ensure it pays off.

Are You Outgrowing Your EMR? [Free 5 Question Assessment]

If you’re still using paper health records, go ahead and skip this assessment. The answer is: “You need to ditch the paper–it’s 2023, and there’s a better way!” But for the majority of modern healthcare practices, managing patient information takes place on a HIPAA-compliant electronic

Zoom in on Insights: Business Intelligence Expert Advice

Ready to dive into the world of business intelligence (BI) and how it can supercharge your practice? Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Bill Sillar, a seasoned healthcare IT and business intelligence expert, on the Therapy Matters podcast. Together, we explored the fascinating realm

First Settlement Effortlessly Scales Their Organization With Raintree

Introduction to First Settlement Physical Therapy Established in 1999, family-owned and operated First Settlement Physical Therapy (FSPT) originally started as a single clinic in Marietta, Ohio. Now spanning 37 clinics with roughly 200 employees, FSPT quickly spread across the Mid-Ohio Valley to deliver a wide