Capture Data and Stay in the Flow, In-Office or On-the-Go

Never miss a beat–or an important detail. Raintree’s mobile app simplifies ABA data collection in all settings, on or offline.

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Say Goodbye to Slow and Painful Data Transfers

Data collected in the mobile app can connect and automatically transfer to the Raintree electronic health records (EHR) platform. That means all patient records–from billing, to appointments, to documentation–are stored in the same, secure database and immediately accessible to authorized users.

No Internet Connection? No Problem.

ABA appointments take place beyond the clinic walls–in schools, homes, and beyond. Even without an internet connection, therapists can use the ABA mobile app to complete and store data collection and session notes. 

Data collection targets are set automatically based on the treatment plan, so there’s no need to enter data twice. When you’re back online, the data syncs with the EHR automatically.

Treatment Time

Quickly log and easily track your billable hours for more streamlined operations.

Session Notes

Quick add notes in the App by hand or using voice-to-text.
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Specialized ABA Calendar

It auto-syncs with your clinic's calendar and is designed to show only ABA sessions for the currently logged-in provider.

Capture Parent Signature

The App makes this step easy to complete while the provider is on site.
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Billing Done Right, For You

Manual appeals and resubmissions are a hassle, but not with Raintree. We pair ABA-specific coding edits with automated billing rules and claim scrubbing to minimize errors before submission. By improving every step of the billing cycle—from data entry, to submission, to monitoring claims status—Raintree clients see up to 40% collection improvement.

Therapists Feel Seen, Patients Feel Connected

We made this app for you! Designed with features to elevate the experience for providers and patients, like:

Therapists Feel Seen, Patients Feel Connected

We made this app for you! Designed with features to elevate the experience for providers and patients, like:

Sometimes you just can’t type everything out.

Built in to track patient task completion.

Visualize recent trends for specific targets.

User authentication for compliance and patient privacy.

Simplify Your Tech Stack with Raintree

At Raintree, we equip multi-specialty rehabilitation therapy practices with powerful tools for delivering top-quality care, staying on top of compliance, and cutting down administrative burden.

Our practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) platform for PT, OT, SLP and ABA does it all–and with our ABA mobile app, you can do more.

Interested in how Raintree’s all-in-one solution can meet the needs of your ABA therapy clinic?


Why Does Special Kids Therapy & Nursing Center Love Raintree?

“We are impressed by Raintree Systems’ excellent response time when we have a problem, the rarity of having a problem at all, and their receptivity to our suggestions and comments. We would absolutely recommend Raintree Systems because they are a company that values their customers.“ – Special Kids Therapy & Nursing Center

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