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Essential Steps for Business Continuity Planning in Healthcare

Do you have a business continuity plan that will help your practice maintain vital operations and communications in crisis? Raintree can help.
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Here at Raintree, we understand the importance of patient care and recognize that staying connected with your patients is essential for both their health and the successful operation of your business.

During this challenging time of change and uncertainty, we want to help you create business continuity by stabilizing revenue, meeting patients’ expectations, and promoting effective remote workforce management.

Here are some solutions that feature built-in tools that support rehabilitation therapy practices’ business continuity in times of crisis.

Patient Engagement and Communications Tools

With Connect, you have the ability to communicate with patients electronically through automated engagement triggers such as secured visit summaries, patient medical information as well as customizable appointment reminders through on demand or scheduled text messages and emails. Additionally, Connect features a virtual phone system with voice/text routing and availability management tools that improve patient – provider connectivity for those who work remotely and patients who are not able to come in. 

We also provide an omnichannel network that allows you to continue caring for your patients and engaging with them through our virtual communication hub within Raintree. With two way texting, inter-office calling and scheduling availability features, these virtual engagement capabilities give you the ability to connect patients, staff, providers, payors and referral sources through voice, text and video. Our visit tracking analytics and appointment statistics help you report as well as monitor visit counts in addition to stabilizing finances.

By utilizing Connect, our patient engagement suite and communications tools can help you continue providing patient care and streamline remote workforce management.

Telehealth Platform for Rehabilitation Therapy

Raintree’s telehealth module for PT, OT, SLP, and multi-specialty practices gives you the opportunity to virtually deliver services and care to your patients, while avoiding the hassle of canceled appointments and rescheduling visits. We have made it easy for patients and providers to log on and effectively conduct an appointment as if they were face to face.

With our telehealth functionality, you are able to schedule virtual appointments and host live video visits within the Raintree platform. When the meeting is scheduled, a text message or email notification will be sent to the patient, that includes the date, time and the link to the video chat room.

On the provider’s side, after the appointment type is set up, the video chat is opened in a separate web browser which allows you to simultaneously create notes and document the patient’s visit information. 

Raintree’s telehealth capabilities also include virtual check-in services and e-visit digital communications via phone, text, email or your private patient portal.

Integrated CRM Dashboard

Lastly, Raintree’s integrated CRM dashboard allows you to build and create campaigns, add patient profiles in addition to setting up communication narratives in real time or through our engagement scheduling coordinator.

The dashboard is a tool that can be used to send out mass messages to patients as well as keep up with them through multiple touch points and trigger specific actions based on survey feedback such as targeted emails and generated phone calls.

These functionalities will help you be in the know of how your patients are feeling and better manage alternative approaches to providing patient care.

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