Raintree Systems NO COST Telehealth in Response to Covid-19

Temecula, CA – Raintree Systems has been developing software solutions for the Healthcare Industry for nearly 40 years and their technology stack has been leveraged repeatedly by software development enthusiasts, as well as experts that are looking to rapidly build application solutions for their business. This legacy of quickly providing powerful, affordable solutions has been especially valuable to the healthcare provider community and delivery system amidst the significant impact of Covid-19.

Raintree’s Founder and CEO, Richard Welty, rallied his entire organization to quickly develop technology solutions for their clients by enhancing and extending capabilities already incorporated into their product or that had been vetted through R&D and saved for a time like the one we are all living in now. The Raintree Team is highly motivated and passionate about doing whatever they can to help healthcare professionals through this difficult period. Raintree’s product development team spans four continents, but they quickly mobilized an effort to provide a purpose-built solution needed not only by their clients, but others struggling to maintain continuity of their business.

Raintree’s RTConnect (https://www.raintreeinc.com/RTConnect) was initially developed and released in 2015. It was the beginning of what has evolved into the most comprehensive healthcare communications platform available. The addition of telehealth and integrated capabilities have already shown a dramatic shift in the way healthcare professionals work remotely, while maintaining engagement with other employees, patients, referral sources, insurance companies, third-party administrators, and others that are necessary in providing continuity of care. These product capabilities are ready to use out-of-the-box, but are also programmable and extensible for those desiring to embed or integrate with their current EMR, EHR, RCM, practice management, or other healthcare information systems.

 “This is our unique opportunity to make a profound difference for our clients and their patients as we continue our mission of making healthcare accessible, efficient, and affordable for everyone.”, says Raintree Founder and CEO, Richard Welty.

While Mr. Welty initially planned to release RTConnect enhancements to Raintree’s existing clients, it has quickly become apparent to him that the same benefits could be extended to non-Raintree clients as well. For this reason, Raintree Systems has decided to offer RTConnect, its telehealth and communication software, at no cost for physicians, therapists, and other healthcare providers throughout the United States during this global pandemic.

Raintree Systems invites and welcomes the use of its technologies by other healthcare software providers in hopes of helping them leverage their capabilities, which advances their just cause of enabling the delivery of healthcare to all who need it, no matter where they are geographically.

To learn more about Raintree Systems and how you can leverage their software development toolkit to rapidly build or develop technology solutions, contact us at publicrelations@raintreeinc.com.

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Raintree Systems is an industry leading software company that provides the most complete, comprehensive, and custom configurable solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Raintree has a proven track record of success and client satisfaction in patient engagement & communications, revenue cycle management (RCM), physical therapy & rehabilitation, rheumatology, pulmonology, ambulatory surgery, behavioral health, long-term pediatric rehabilitation, chiropractic, pain medicine, and billing service sectors. With more than 2,500 implementations and more than 25,000+ users deployed, in more than 50 specialties, our customer base includes commercial, nonprofit and government agencies across the US and Canada. Raintree’s commitment to building genuine relationships with their clients uniquely distinguishes them from other providers in the market. Raintree was profiled by leading industry analyst, KLAS, in 2018 as one of only five specialty ambulatory therapy / rehab EMR vendors. While Raintree was among the top 3, they were the only vendor “to have 100% of interviewed customers say they would buy the solution again”. For more information about Raintree Systems, visit www.www.raintreeinc.com.