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Raintree Launches Provider Credentialing For Faster Onboarding and Renewals

Raintree’s Credentialing Solution Enhances Efficiency, Supports Compliance, and Accelerates Provider Enrollment

CHANDLER, AZ, April 29, 2024 — Raintree Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for the rehab therapy industry, including award-winning electronic health records (EHR), patient engagement, scheduling, billing, practice management, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, has announced its new, powerful end-to-end credentialing solution.

Credentialing can be a lengthy and meticulous process. Manual workflows and documentation errors can cause delays in provider enrollment, scheduling issues, claim denials, and compliance concerns.

Raintree is revolutionizing how practices handle credentialing, making the entire process more efficient than ever—supporting application submission, primary source verification (PSV), status and approval monitoring, credential maintenance, and more. Designed to reduce errors and expedite the credentialing timeline, Raintree’s solution helps ensure that newly hired therapists are approved and ready to provide high-quality patient care, faster.

Additionally, by streamlining the re-credentialing process, this solution addresses the increasing challenges faced by high-growth practices. Monitoring provider credential expiration dates and renewal application deadlines can quickly become exponentially complex and time-consuming. Raintree’s credentialing dashboard eases the burden, with configurable automatic alerts that empower teams to stay informed, proactive, and in good standing with payers.

Moreover, Raintree’s centralized credentialing database offers a secure document storage and management solution. Centralized digital storage allows for greater administrative oversight, ease of access and retrieval, and organization of all credentialing-related documents and information. Staff can quickly identify required, missing, or incomplete documentation and leverage secure messaging to send requests to providers in real-time.

“Healthcare organizations grapple with a mounting array of administrative complexities daily, from credentialing delays to compliance concerns,” said Nick Hedges, CEO, Raintree. “We understand the burden these challenges present, and how quickly they turn into roadblocks impacting operations and inevitably, your bottom line. By adopting Raintree’s credentialing solution, our clients get the oversight needed to keep providers credentialed, keeping revenue cycles on track.”

The addition of Raintree’s credentialing solution into its all-in-one platform for rehabilitation therapy marks a significant advancement in reducing administrative burdens, and underscores Raintree’s commitment to innovation and customer success .

About Raintree Systems 

Raintree is the preeminent platform for enterprise and mid-sized therapy provider organizations. They have a proven track record of success and client satisfaction, providing solutions in patient engagement and communications, clinical documentation, revenue cycle management (RCM), and business intelligence/analytics for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and multidisciplinary practices across all treatment settings. From pediatric to geriatric practices, Raintree clients make up over 2,500 implementations nationwide and more than 25,000 users daily. Raintree leads the industry in compliance and security, offering the only ONC-certified EHR designed specifically for rehabilitation therapy.