Raintree’s EMR Software Showcases New Functionality at User Conference

We want to thank everyone for coming out to RTUC22 and making it a massive success! For those who are just learning about Raintree’s all-in-one electric record system, our annual user conference is a time to highlight the unique features of our EMR software as well as showcase new functionality. It was wonderful to see everyone in person again and we look forward to seeing you again next year! 

Missed out on some of the sessions? Ready to see what enhancements Raintree is bringing to the table? Here’s a glimpse of the new features Raintree’s EMR has to offer…

Raintree’s User Conference Introduces New Gen UI and UX

It’s high time for a new look and feel to Raintree’s software solutions! In order to offer therapy and rehab providers with the best EMR and practice management platform on the market, our software developers have taken on the task of overhauling our interface. In our upcoming updates, users can expect UX/UI enhancements for our ABA app, patient portal, business intelligence tools, provider and RCM dashboards, and more!

So What’s New with Medical Billing?

Raintree’s EMR system now offers virtual payment processing which is perfect for running payments from insurance payors, patients not in the Raintree system, and other payments not directly related to patient accounts.

Additionally, we’re working on a claim file editor tool for the ClaimStore module, allowing users to explore the contents of ANSI claim files as well as remove individual claims with the option to delete the corresponding bill bars from the ledger. These features will be available for early adopters soon!

  • Sliding date capabilities
  • Timestamps on receipts based on local timezone
  • Add ledger note functionality
  • Unsubscribe link at the bottom of eStatement emails
  • Custom message capabilities on the Pay Now button
  • … and a new feature for payment plans in the future!

For more information on how Raintree’s billing services can benefit your therapy and rehab practice, check out our guide to outsourced revenue cycle management!

Revamping the Provider Journey for Therapy and Rehab

Ready for a new provider journey experience? Our redesigned user interface will deliver simple and efficient workflows that enable providers and staff to focus on patient care while still meeting business needs for compliance, billing, and reporting.

Here are some of the components we’ve been reviewing:

  • Patient Chart
  • Provider Dashboard
  • Medical Histories
  • Case Records
  • Objective tests and exams
  • Patient Questionnaires
  • Adult Therapy Note
  • Pediatric Therapy Note
  • ABA Note
  • Specialty services notes (e.g. chiropractic, behavioral health)

We’re eager to roll out these updates as soon as possible! That’s why our new workflows will have the capability to blend current and new generation Raintree – so that you can benefit from an updated provider journey even while other sections, such as billing workflows or patient intake, are still in the design phase.

Streamlined Patient Outcomes, Questionnaires, and Reports for Therapy

The information patient reports provide has always been a hassle to incorporate into practice. That’s why we’ve introduced the PQ Automation Tool! This streamlines the digital process of sending patient questionnaires, simplifies the patient workflow process, efficiently captures patient-reported outcome measures, as well as gathers evidence-based data that can help your practice reinforce the importance of continuing physical therapy services. Here’s how the PQ tool can help you!

  • One central location to set up specific patient questionnaire criteria
  • Easier to determine which questionnaires a patient should receive
  • The ability to send follow-up questionnaires during phase of care to help track outcome progression

Enhancements to Patient Kiosk

We’ve heard client feedback concerning our kiosk tool and our product development team has been hard at work to update the kiosk to meet your needs! Our kiosk enhancements heavily focus on the speed with which you are able to move around in the kiosk as well as the stability of the technology that it depends on. Here’s what you can look forward to!

  • New look and feel for patients
  • Payment collection has been moved to the beginning of the check-in process
  • Built-in configuration options
  • Easier insurance card upload capabilities
  • Easier forms to complete
  • Customizability options
  • Spanish version available at the click of a button

Despite this massive overhaul, the new kiosk is not a re-platform! Current setup options will still apply the same as always, the framework around those options will just function at a higher ability.

Simple COMPR and Single-Click Appointment Confirmations via Text

When it comes to patient communication preferences, we understand that layout, clarity, and visibility are essential features. With tackling these challenges in mind, we’ve not only simplified and optimized the communication preferences screen, we’ve also added further enhancements for:

  • Default locations and specific locations within communication preferences
  • Patient-facing screen design
  • Message type layout
  • Verbiage for on-demand texting type
  • Self-check-in kiosk screen
  • Spanish translations
  • And more!

That’s not all – One of the enhancements we’ve really been looking forward to delivering is the patient’s ability to confirm their appointment with a single click! It is now possible to send a confirmation link to the patient’s phone number for those with the new 2022.2 product release.

Raintree’s Growth = YOUR Growth!

With these exciting developments on the horizon, Raintree is proud to evolve the tools that every therapy and rehab specialty needs to deliver quality care to their patients and handle the intricacies of managing a business with ease. Interested in how Raintree’s EMR can benefit your organization? Schedule a discovery call with one of our experts!

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, Nevada at RTUC23!