Located in Sammamish, WA, G2 Sports and Physical Therapy is a highly-esteemed outpatient physical therapy practice. At G2 Sports, their mission is to provide patients with the highest standard of excellence, professionalism and compassionate care. This standard is met through their skilled, dedicated approach to combine research with fully-individualized, comprehensive rehabilitation programs for each and every patient. 

Since October 26th, 2012, we have fueled G2 Sports’ passion for helping others by aiming to combine the power of technology with the compassion and expertise of our incredible customer service team. “Raintree delivers very helpful and prompt service with their solutions…” -G2 Sports. This especially applies to G2 Sports’ utilization of our standard scheduling, billing and EMR documentation – all of which have helped strengthen their daily clinical and billing workflows. 

By leveraging our Connect platform, our telehealth tools have also enabled them to enhance engagement, pursue continuity of communication as well as optimize the balance of in-person and virtual care. Learn more about digital intake and how to manage the influx of appointments here

G2 Sports and Physical Therapy serves as a great example for how our delivery of innovative solutions can maximize growth and create long-lasting (time/cost saving) business relationships, “We have been using Raintree for nearly 10 years now and it is a pretty easy system to use” – G2 Sports. This means – working with us ensures that your needs are readily met, no matter how unique or complex they may be. 

If you and your team are looking to learn more about Raintree Systems or are eager to simply find a potential long-term solution for your clinical and financial needs, contact us or explore our website here.