Client Testimonial: HealthPRO Heritage

Raintree client HealthPRO Heritage, a nationally recognized healthcare solutions partner, is renowned for its exceptional therapy, wellness, and consulting services that yield clinical and financial success across the care continuum. With a strong focus on overcoming industry challenges and adapting to the dynamic healthcare landscape, HealthPRO Heritage’s strategic partnership model has been instrumental in supporting client organizations at all levels of care.

HealthPRO Heritage’s success is founded on several key pillars. They provide innovative resources, utilize revolutionary technology, and employ purpose-driven professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. The company’s expertise in predictive data analytics enables them to navigate payment models effectively and develop strategies that maximize outcomes.

HealthPRO Heritage offers a wide range of services and flexible partnership options, including fully outsourced therapy support, consulting, and education solutions for in-house rehabilitation programs. They also provide assistance to post-acute care providers seeking to drive enterprise-wide success through census recovery, fiscal growth, and operational and clinical excellence.

Through their “Beyond Rehab” approach, HealthPRO Heritage ensures advanced clinical programming and fosters collaboration within interdisciplinary teams.

Strong Foundations.
Strong Solutions.
Strong Results.

This approach has led to remarkable satisfaction scores, impressive star ratings, exceptional quality measures, strategic network alliances, and notable increases in census and market share.

The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in their desire to become the premier partner of choice. They achieve this through their unwavering dedication to exceptional clinical outcomes, stringent compliance, sophisticated management techniques, unparalleled customer service, and advanced technology solutions. As a leading provider of software solutions in the Therapy and Rehab field, Raintree Systems is proud to be among HealthPRO’s trusted partners.

The Best Thing About Raintree, According to HealthPRO Heritage

In this interview with Carol Hochkeppel, Senior Enterprise Application Specialist at HealthPRO Heritage, she talks about some of the best reasons to work with Raintree. 

What are the benefits of choosing Raintree Systems?

“My favorite thing about Raintree is really that implementation team,” Carol said. “We just got started, and we’ve got our first implementation under our belt. The [Raintree] team was awesome with getting us organized … and getting us up and running.”

What advice would you give to a new Raintree client?

Carol’s advice: “Follow the process that Raintree presents before you. You know, just be as informative and open and honest as possible.”

Transparency is so important during the implementation process, because it fosters truly collaborative solutions. The Raintree team brings years of expertise in this area, so you can feel confident in our process and bring your own values and experiences to the table.

What was the implementation experience at Raintree?

Of course, implementation is a complex undertaking. After being guided through and completing the process with Raintree, Carol expressed her gratitude. “I really just want to thank the implementation team,” she said. “It definitely was easier than we expected.”

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