As a network made up of 232 physical therapy clinics, Ivy Rehab facilitates care across 11 different states within the midwest and east coast. From chronic pain management to pediatric PT, OT, SLP and ABA, they offer an extensive range of services including aquatic therapy, athletic training, post surgical treatments as well as workers’ compensation programs. In addition, they also provide complimentary injury screenings and even give direct appointment access to clients who do not have prescriptions.

Founded in 2003, Ivy Rehab has become a leading national provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Their motto, “it’s all about the people”, ties into their core values of creating exceptional patient experiences and encouraging positive patient outcomes. With a similar mission, Raintree doesn’t necessarily deliver care but our technology-enabled solutions do empower innovation, engagement and continuity within the healthcare industry.

“We are big Raintree fans! We love the staff and are extremely appreciative of their hard work. Their insightful knowledge has made a difference in the way we manage our practice by helping us identify issues and getting them resolved efficiently. We feel that Raintree is a very robust system that is truly capable of anything and that their staff is always available to help.” – Ivy Rehab Network

Ivy Rehab has been a customer of ours since September of 2018, utilizing solutions such as automated RCM, elevated patient engagement tools and our standalone business intelligence platform. Along with dedicated engineers and one on one customer support, they mention how Raintree’s staff are always kind, caring and willing to walk through the product step by step.