Client Testimonial: MOCO Movement Center

Located in Kensington, Maryland, the MOCO Movement Center is a fully inclusive pediatric practice that focuses on facilitating long lasting, but most importantly, fun therapy sessions to children of all ages. With a passionate team of “movement aides,” their mission is to provide excellent patient care by incorporating families into their services and actively communicating with everyone involved in the child’s development including counselors, teachers and caregivers.

MOCO offers a variety of PT, OT and SLP classes that are both available virtually or in person. In addition, some of their camps and extracurriculars include sports training, dance lessons, talk yoga as well as their “homework helpers” program which was meant to help kids struggling with online learning during COVID.

Why MOCO Movement Center Chose Raintree as Their Pediatric Therapy Software of Choice

Just as MOCO Movement creates a personalized, unique path to success for each child they serve, Raintree is proud to offer a digital healthcare platform that is specialized for the rehab therapy field and configured to clients needs. 

“We love how friendly and engaged the engineers and support staff are. We also love how flexible and configurable the system is. Our practice operates differently from others in the pediatric world, and it is so nice to be able to make the system our own.”

MOCO Movement Center

As a Raintree client since May of 2019, MOCO has leveraged our efficiency and engagement tools all throughout the pandemic. While they are a growing practice, our scalable solutions have allowed them to pursue continuity of care as well as overcome the looming “one-size-fits-all” software stigma.

To learn more about Raintree’s software for pediatric therapy practices, schedule a free demo!

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