As a family operated business since 1994, Physical Therapy Specialists is a specialized fitness and training studio (SFTS) located in Pismo Beach, CA that prides themselves in providing one-on-one rehabilitative care. SFTS’ staff have over 100 cumulative years of experience and are enthusiastic about improving their patients’ quality of life through individualized gym memberships that combine hands-on treatment with personal aerobic/strength training. 

In addition to physical therapy and injury rehabilitation, SFTS has a climbing gym called, “The Pad” where they intend to empower accessibility to unique services and foster plans of care that ensure long term results. In fact, their model of care promotes “direct access” to customized treatment plans that truly are collaborative between patient and provider. You can click here to learn more about the benefits of coordinated patient experiences. 

Since August of 2014, Physical Therapy Specialists has been leveraging a variety of our technology-enabled solutions including: 

“We love being able to call you guys up and get someone on the phone that is well trained and happy to help. We’ve been in medical administration for 30 years now and this is by far our favorite EMR system we’ve used.” – Physical Therapy Specialists

If you are interested in learning more about our all-in-one platform, visit our website to discover more of our tools that have been built for every type of healthcare specialty.

  • Pain Management 
  • Therapy and Rehab (PT, OT, SLP and ABA)
  • Behavioral and Mental Health
  • Rheumatology, Chiropractic and More