How To Optimize Digital Intake and Streamline Scheduling

As we continue to adjust to a somewhat normal state here in America, many businesses and public spaces are beginning to see an uptick in activity. But, what does this mean for healthcare providers? Continue reading to learn more about how you can leverage digital tools to manage the influx of in person appointments.

During the beginning of the pandemic and even throughout – many patients have put off their non-urgent or preventative care medical appointments due to increased risks of exposure. Eventually these fears have come to evolve current patient expectations as well as empower providers to better enable easier access to care through the use of telehealth. While the benefits of telemedicine are obvious, there are some limitations when you consider not everyone has access to the technology and that some patients simply just prefer face to face interaction.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of technology enabled solutions available to help providers everywhere find the balance between telehealth sessions and in-person visits, while also managing an overall increase of appointments in general. 

Scheduling and Reporting 

It should go without saying that optimizing clinical workflows as well as streamlining both patient and practice management starts with a digital healthcare platform that offers centralized scheduling. Not only does an all-in-one scheduler give your patients a convenient option to self schedule appointments but it also takes pressure off staff by automating internal tasks, strategically maximizing practice volume and improving the measurability of visit metrics like cancellations or no shows. Beyond that – business intelligence or analytics can also provide insight that allows you to better facilitate your appointment inflow as well as leverage automated reports, identify data trends and support overall decision making in regards to care delivery. 

Digital Intake and Appointment Management

In order to simultaneously promote patient engagement while also improving staff productivity, your practice should adopt a patient dashboard or self check-in kiosk, so that patients can proactively fill out paperwork, update their medical history, complete clinical questionnaires as well as virtually check into their appointments. In addition, QR codes have also been utilized in parking lots or on signs for patients to scan and check-in from their mobile devices – resulting in reduced manual labor and more efficient front-desk operations.

A virtual waiting room is another great tool for providers to take advantage of because it:

  • advocates for a stabilized balance of virtual and in-person appointments
  • enhances patient telehealth experiences and engages them prior to the session
  • simplifies the view of patients who are waiting, have been seen or are currently attending a session

Lastly, referral marketing efforts can make all the difference in how your practice attracts new patients and improves clinical retention. Through the use of embedded digital intake forms on your website or automated email blasts and survey campaigns, you can better monitor patient satisfaction rates as well as build valuable connections with patients throughout their entire journey – even post discharge!

No matter the challenge or crisis, remember that with the right technology enabled solutions you’ll always be ahead of the curve. If you want to learn more about how Raintree Systems delivers Software-as-a-Relationship or are interested in our Connect platform, visit our website to contact us!