Patient Engagement

12 Trends and Emerging Technologies in Rehab Therapy [2023]

Like much of healthcare, rehabilitation therapy is undergoing a transformation. Therapists are increasingly moving away from one-size-fits-all treatment plans to provide patient-centered care that meets the patient’s unique needs and goals. This broad shift is leading to changes like value-based care, home care, health tech

When to Adopt New Technology in Physical Therapy (or Not!)

At what point do you admit that old processes no longer serve you? And how do you know when new products are too good to be true?

We’re here to help you decide when to seek out new tech for your PT practice—and ensure it pays off.

3 Creative Patient Engagement Strategies—with Examples!

Patient engagement is a crucial aspect of healthcare. Engaging patients can lead them to take an active role in managing their health and can lead to better treatment outcomes. There are various tried-and-true strategies to engage patients, but many providers struggle to find an approach

6 Most Popular Patient Payment Options in 2023

The landscape of healthcare payments is changing. Patient cost-sharing has increased from about 10% to 30% since 2010. Practices are facing greater responsibility for managing patient payments, while also navigating staff shortages and lower insurance reimbursements. Is your billing and revenue cycle management stuck in the

HIPAA, Text Messaging, and Your Practice: 5 Compliance Tips

You do it. We do it. 81% of Americans do it. Call it what you will–SMS, texting, messaging–but there’s no denying that it’s simply a part of daily life. For outpatient rehabilitation therapy practices, text messaging can be an indispensable tool. As your practice grows,

How to Use eReferral and Lead Tracking Technology: A Guide

In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, the therapy and rehab industry has no choice but to keep up with the ever-evolving technology to meet the demands of patients and stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, many practices still rely on traditional methods of exchanging patient referrals

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) is leveraging technology to collect and analyze non-physiological patient data to assess the outcomes of a therapeutic process. Unlike remote patient monitoring (RPM), which is limited to transmitting physiological data — like blood pressure — RTM accommodates information such as pain

A Marketing Geek’s Dream: The Making of a Physical Therapy Super Fan

As a physical therapist, you are striving to provide the best care possible to your patients while simultaneously growing your practice. In today’s digital world, many physical therapy organizations have realized the need to leverage marketing to strengthen their presence and gain new patients. PT