Patient Engagement

3 Creative Patient Engagement Strategies—with Examples!

Patient engagement is a crucial aspect of healthcare. Engaging patients can lead them to take an active role in managing their health and can lead to better treatment outcomes. There are various tried-and-true strategies to engage patients, but many providers struggle to find an approach

6 Most Popular Patient Payment Options in 2023

The landscape of healthcare payments is changing. Patient cost-sharing has increased from about 10% to 30% since 2010. Practices are facing greater responsibility for managing patient payments, while also navigating staff shortages and lower insurance reimbursements. Is your billing and revenue cycle management stuck in the

HIPAA, Text Messaging, and Your Practice: 5 Compliance Tips

You do it. We do it. 81% of Americans do it. Call it what you will–SMS, texting, messaging–but there’s no denying that it’s simply a part of daily life. For outpatient rehabilitation therapy practices, text messaging can be an indispensable tool. As your practice grows,

A Marketing Geek’s Dream: The Making of a Physical Therapy Super Fan

As a physical therapist, you are striving to provide the best care possible to your patients while simultaneously growing your practice. In today’s digital world, many physical therapy organizations have realized the need to leverage marketing to strengthen their presence and gain new patients. PT

Client Testimonial: Washington Health System

Established in 1897, the expansive Washington Health System (WHS) provides compassionate patient and family-centered care in over 40 facilities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Since then, their commitment to delivering the highest quality of care has positioned them as a leader in healthcare safety and valued patient

How EMR Artificial Intelligence Can Help Physical Therapy and Rehab Providers

Summary Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the field of physical therapy and rehab by improving workflows and patient outcomes. Through machine learning, predictive technology, and automated processes, AI can help physical therapists diagnose conditions more efficiently, provide personalized treatment plans, monitor patient

Prepping Your Practice for the New Year

Prepping Your Practice for the New Year: Improving Patient Retention and Outcomes With 2023 on the horizon, it’s time to brace your practice for an influx of new patients that have resolved to improve their health. But that’s not all that the new year brings!