Revenue Cycle Management and Billing

Medicare Reimbursement Cuts: 3 Tips from an RCM Expert

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) adjusts the Medicare physician fee schedule every year. The adjustments are designed to facilitate greater access to care and equitable healthcare pricing for Medicare patients. However, these changes—especially payment reductions—can have a significant impact on U.S. healthcare practices’

5 Key Revenue Cycle Management Metrics [Infographic]

Today, outpatient rehabilitation therapy practices face numerous challenges when it comes to financial stability and success. From declining reimbursements to staffing shortages, it’s more crucial—and complicated—than ever to keep your bottom line from hitting rock bottom. To succeed in troubled waters, you need to run

How Raintree’s Platform Helped Barrett Family Wellness Center Grow

Barrett Family Wellness Center (BFWC) is a community-based pediatric occupational andspeech therapy facility located in Southborough, Mass. dedicated to enhancing the health andwellness of children and their families. BFWC was founded in 2000 by occupational therapistPhyllis Barrett and her son-in-law, Ian Nolan, and her daughter,

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