The Top Three Challenges Therapists Face With EMR Implementation

What Challenges Do Therapists Face With EHR Implementation? The implementation of electronic health records (EHR) first became an essential part of healthcare in 2009. Medicaid and Medicare were quick to get onboard, offering incentive programs to encourage providers—from physical therapy to general practitioners to specialty

The Top Three KPIs Your Therapy Practice Should Be Reporting

Therapy and rehab is all about quality-based care. In fact, therapists, patients, managers, employers, and payors all expect to see evidence of effective and engaging therapy. So in order to successfully track and report these key performance indicators (KPIs), you’ll require the right business intelligence

How Do Outpatient Therapy Practices Benefit From an EHR or EMR?

With nearly 90% of office-based healthcare practices adopting electronic medical records (EMR), the EMR market has expanded exponentially! By understanding the key differences between inpatient electronic health records (EHR) and outpatient electronic medical records, therapy and rehab practices can be more informed about the cloud-based

Preventative Care and Predictive Analytics

What Are Predictive Analytics? Simply put, predictive analytics uses collected data to predict future events with complex algorithms and machine learning. In the context of managing a therapy and rehab practice, that can mean anything from predicting projected revenue to tracking patient trends.

Why Should Therapy Practices Use Patient Portals?

While we continue to see the upwards shift in digital healthcare experiences and self-service engagement, it’s a no-brainer that patient portals offer exceptional value to therapists and patients alike. For therapists, portals can streamline digital intake and patient registration processes as well as reduce time

How to Optimize Online Patient Experiences

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, famously said: “Necessity is the mother of invention” – and with COVID finally coming to an end, it’s safe to say that the pandemic definitely did create the mother of all necessities. Because today, patient engagement is all-encompassing.  From self-scheduling

Speech Therapy After Injury

Communication skills are the foundation of human interaction, so sustaining an injury that impairs or deprives us of the ability to speak can be a devastating blow. That’s why speech therapists have highly effective treatments available to help patients restore their speech and language capabilities

Therapy for Long-Haul Covid Patients

While the evolution of current COVID variants are less likely to cause critical illness, they have still been recognized as highly contagious. In fact, studies show that nearly 53% of patients struggle with symptoms for up to 12 months after infection – a year of

Medicare Billing: Group Therapy vs Individual Therapy

It can be difficult to figure out how you should be billing Medicare for therapy services, especially if your practice offers both group and individual therapy options. It’s understandable – there are a ton of similarities between the services on both a treatment plan and

Tech In Therapy Part 2: ABA and Speech

Technology plays an integral role not only in everyday life, but in therapy and rehabilitation methods as well! In part one of our “Tech In Therapy” #rtblogseries, we explored technological advancements in both occupational therapy and physical therapy, but today’s part two will delve deeper