Client Testimonial: RehabVisions

Founded in 1983, RehabVisions began as a shared venture between two brothers to provide medically underserved areas with the full scope of high-quality therapy and rehab services. However, in 2001, RehabVisions expanded their reach by establishing a travel division, Cariant Health Partners, which was designed to increase patient accessibility by placing therapists on short-term assignments all over the country.

Additionally, RehabVisions saw the need to assist clinical providers and business owners looking to retire. So, by acquiring practices in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Washington, Kansas and Nebraska, RehabVisions has grown exponentially through increased capabilities to provide quality care not only in a standard clinical setting, but within medical facilities as well.

For more than 35 years, RehabVisions has made it their mission to provide innovative care that aligns with traditional values. The scope of their support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supplying hospitals with quality therapy services designed to attract and retain patients
  • Offering skilled nursing therapy at home as well as in assisted living facilities
  • Delivering school therapy from pre-k through college, including physical therapy programs for athletes
  • Providing rigorous industrial rehabilitation programs that encompass injury prevention as well as injury recovery and fit-for-duty testing

Why RehabVisions Chose Raintree

Since 2009, RehabVisions has “transitioned 3 clinics from previous EMR software systems” and leveraged a variety of our configurable tools. With readily available client support and dedicated on-boarding teams to help every step of the way, “Raintree provides great value for smooth transitions.”

RehabVisions has also benefited from the flexibility that Raintree offers across all of our standard clinical documentation and patient engagement tools. “The conversion notes are easy to use and work well along with the ease of faxing outbound and inbound, note routing, texting and reporting.”

In addition, RehabVisions has taken advantage of Raintree’s scalable business intelligence (BI) features. From data collection and predictive analytics to interactive reporting, our BI has supplied RehabVisions with the technology-enabled solutions they need to future-proof their practice.

“Raintree listens to their clients and has the most up-to-date modern features to help keep their clients from falling behind or through the crack of technology.” – RehabVisions

Curious how Raintree’s all-in-one practice management and patient engagement software can work for your therapy and rehab practice? Schedule a free demo to learn more!

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