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Client Testimonial: Columbus Speech and Hearing Center

Established in 1978 by Dr. Susie Ford, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center has provided patients across the Chattahoochee Valley in Georgia with diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology, speech-language pathology, as well as occupational therapy services.

As a family-operated practice, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center understands the importance of creating a welcoming environment for patients of all needs and ages. Their state-of-the-art building includes everything their patients need for superior healthcare – from a well-equipped gym to areas dedicated for accurate assessments and more!

Beyond the accessibility and comfort their facility offers, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center goes above and beyond to serve their community with summer reading programs led by licensed speech-language pathologists. This summer program, available both online and in-person, is designed to not only enrich young patients and encourage a love of reading, but help strengthen phonics skills, reading fluency, as well as comprehension.

And as part of their commitment to deliver the highest quality care, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center takes advantage of the latest technology available, offering their patients the most up-to-date treatment methods…but their devotion to provide superior service doesn’t stop there!

Columbus Speech and Hearing Center guarantees the delivery of quality care by ensuring that their administrative operations are optimized, freeing up time for therapists and personnel to focus on fostering positive patient experiences.

How Raintree Systems Works for Columbus Speech and Hearing Center

“Raintree has so many ins and outs that it is sometimes hard to remember them all, which is a great thing. Their system can also be customized to how your office runs so that things can run smoothly.”

Columbus Speech and Hearing Center

From elevated patient engagement options to optimized financial operations with E-Statements and interactive ROI reporting, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center has benefited from the streamlined processes that Raintree has to offer!

With embedded telehealth functionality, digital lead tracking, and automated messaging across SMS and email, Raintree’s Connect offers therapy and rehab providers every tool they need to not only improve patient outcomes, but enrich patient experiences. When coupled with our ebilling technology, your practice can look forward to faster collection rates, personalized patient payment plans, and more!

Interested in how Raintree can automate your daily workflows or increase business growth? Learn how to improve your revenue cycle management and everything beyond. Schedule a discovery call with one of our experts to explore how our all-in-one EMR can benefit your therapy and rehab practice.

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