How Outpatient Therapists That Deliver At-Home Care Can Benefit from Raintree’s EMR

While technology has become an integral part of the healthcare industry, there are still some patients unable to reap the full benefits of telehealth, thus remaining dependent on home health resources for treatment.

On one hand, the very nature of at-home care almost entirely eliminates the need for telemedicine, but on the other hand, clients and therapists have to miss out on the digital solutions that accompany telehealth capabilities, such as scheduling and documentation efficiencies or secure communication channels.

Here at Raintree, we believe that your practice management platform should cater to every therapy and rehab specialty – from in-person appointments for speech-language pathology to telehealth sessions for physical therapy, and every combination in between! Join us as we explore how Raintree’s flexible digital solutions provide 3 EMR must-haves for outpatient therapy and at home care. The right practice management system can benefit outpatient therapy providers that are constantly on the move to deliver quality healthcare to patients at home!

Software Requirements For Therapists On the Go

Due to the highly mobile nature of home-based care, therapists who bring physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy to clients in their own homes have extremely unique needs that can be difficult to find in a single platform. Some of these undeniable must-haves include:

  1. Clinical tools that allow flexible scheduling and efficient medical documentation
  2. Billing tools such as E-Statements, process automation, and support for non-traditional payment methods
  3. Patient engagement tools that offer HIPAA-compliant communication channels and automated messaging

It’s important that these tools have a range of considerate, straightforward features that not only streamline workflows on the go but also seamlessly work together to improve care and boost engagement.

Key Software Features and Benefits for In-Home Care Providers

Outpatient therapists that provide services at home need a comprehensive ecosystem in order to deliver the quality care and support that house-bound clients need. So what features specifically make clinical, billing, and patient engagement tools suited for the intricacies of home-based care?

Clinical Tools

The reality for many patients that depend on in-home care is that they may need more advanced assistance than clients that can manage telehealth. As a result, therapists often need to help with time-consuming tasks such as scheduling future appointments or taking more in-depth notes per treatment session. Fortunately, with the right software in place, providers can reap the benefits of scheduling and clinical documentation efficiencies such as:

  • Specialty-specific, customizable templates to streamline patient progress documentation
  • Flexible self-scheduling technology to help clients manage their treatment with minimal dependence on the therapist

The Raintree Way:

From customizable notes and charts for different therapy and rehab specialties to an ever-expanding library of exams and assessments to aid providers in diagnosis and progress-tracking, Raintree’s EMR provides therapist-friendly clinical tools that make documentation easier than ever – all in a single intuitive platform. What’s more, our patient portal features self-scheduling and other self-service features such as automated appointment reminders and pre-registration, all of which offer clients the independence to manage their own healthcare as well as lighten the workload/reduce manual data entry for outpatient therapists.

Billing Tools

It’s no secret that providers use automation to free up time that can be used elsewhere – and therapists that provide home-based care are no different! As some of the more complex tasks to tackle, especially on the go, billing processes are a prime example of a daily task that can be better handled with the right software solution. Here are the vital features to keep in mind when you want to automate your billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) for at-home care situations:

  • Electronic billing and personal payment plans that empower patient trust, flexibility, and convenience
  • Automated RCM that can reduce the hassle of manual paperwork and claim management as well as streamline collections and decrease denials
  • Billing software that supports non-traditional payment models and can easily work with contracted staff

The Raintree Way:

Here at Raintree, we deliver automated revenue cycle management and billing tools that meet the needs of therapists. With claim-scrubbing technology that increases the number of clean claims with timely reimbursements, E-Statements that make payment collection convenient and accessible for house-bound patients, and even configurable payment models to work best with unconventional schedules, therapy billing has never been so effortless! What’s more, you can expect up to 40% faster patient collections* with Raintree’s RCM and billing software as well as a significant increase in net revenue per visit in addition to reduced billing costs.

*Average varies by customer.

Patient Engagement Tools

True of any form of healthcare, in-home therapists and their patients need to stay HIPAA-compliant in their communication. While this seems like a no-brainer, the personal environment of home-based care lends itself to situations where communication can become too relaxed and sensitive information is compromised – potentially to the detriment of both the client and the provider!

By utilizing an EMR that offers embedded HIPAA-compliant messaging channels, therapists can ensure the privacy of crucial protected health information (PHI) while allowing for the adoption of new technologies that improve the quality of care.

The Raintree Way:

Connect, Raintree’s patient engagement platform, provides outpatient therapists with secure communication channels that maintain HIPAA compliance, such as web chat or encrypted text messages, to easily send reminders, prescription statuses, office delay updates, and other sensitive information. Moreover, our SMS notifications facilitate communication between colleagues, so your staff can share critical insights and ensure your practice has access to important up-to-date information.

Advocacy for At-Home and Home Health Solutions

With the end of 2022 in sight, therapy and rehab providers everywhere look to The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for insight on what Medicare reimbursements will look like in 2023. Unfortunately, therapists are looking at a potential 4.42% decrease in payment, a severely damaging cut that could have a serious impact on therapists that offer services to Medicare beneficiaries. However, it’s not too late to speak out against the proposed budget cuts!

Additionally, it’s impossible to discuss outpatient home-based care without also mentioning home health care (HHC). Just like many other healthcare specialties, CMS proposed a 7.69% permanent payment cut to Medicare home health services and if successful, it would equate to a $1.33 billion slash in 2023 alone – plus tens of billions over the next decade.

The good news is that a significant percentage of Congress is taking action to stop these cuts. Additionally, opinion polls show that 97% of Medicare beneficiaries root for at-home healthcare medical coverage, while 92% of registered voters believe it is vital to seniors’ rehabilitation and recovery. Start advocating for home health now through the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare platform.