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How Bay State Physical Therapy Streamlined Operations with Raintree Systems

Bay State Physical Therapy, under the leadership of Founder and CEO Steve Windwer, DC, PT, has established itself as a prominent player in the realm of physical therapy over the past 30 years.

The organization’s foundation is built on the principle of providing high-quality, personalized care, with a focus on one-on-one treatment. Initially conceptualized to serve local communities in Massachusetts, Bay State Physical Therapy has successfully expanded its reach, now operating as a key member of the largest network of physical therapist-owned and operated orthopedic clinics in the Northeast.

With a network spanning over 120 locations across five states — Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island — Bay State Physical Therapy stands as a testament to the effectiveness of patient-focused musculoskeletal care. The practice has consistently prioritized patient empowerment and optimal health outcomes, setting a high standard in the industry for both scale and quality of service.

The Problem

Before partnering with Raintree, Bay State’s previous EHR system was not an integrated practice management solution. They also used a separate billing program and a third system for appointment reminders. As a result, they had several manual processes that required staff to enter charges and apply for payments.

That’s when they noticed that their collections per visit were lagging behind statewide averages. 

This was because their practice management system did not have the built-in, upfront tools to ensure that patient care coordinators were obtaining the necessary information at the time of a patient’s visit nor the back-end tools for automated revenue cycle management.

We knew that running three systems concurrently was highly inefficient and costly. It was a priority for us to have a fully integrated system. We also wanted to have a proven leader in the field. We looked at what other leading providers in our space were using and we spoke to these folks to find out why.

The Proposal

Raintree Systems’ all-in-one platform designed for PT, OT, SLP, and multi-disciplinary practices offers Bay State one flexible therapy EMR solution that checks all of their boxes:

  • Automated RCM and billing
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Seamless scheduling
  • And more

During the search for a new physical therapy platform, Bay State’s leadership “independently ranked each vendor,” saying, “[we] were able to come to the same conclusion that Raintree was our best option.”

The Results

By choosing Raintree, Bay State has resulted in having fewer people employed to handle more claims, giving them opportunities to optimize productivity and stimulate workflow efficiencies. Our Business Intelligence and analytics tools give them easy access to both operational and therapist level insights. This allows their practice to seamlessly manage all kinds of statistics while also concentrating on key focus areas such as arrival rates, plans of care, and financial revenue trends.

In their own words: “We effectively gained more clinical efficiencies, optimized our billing processes, and streamlined patient intake.”

Efficient and All-in-One

Raintree’s integrated EHR and practice management solution enabled Bay State to streamline one platform that handles all their needs from billing, and collections, to patient intake.

Reducing Manual Tasks

In addition to all-around operational benefits, Raintree’s automated revenue cycle management and billing efficiency tools have helped Bay State reduce manual processes as well as improve their cleaner claim rates.

By the Numbers

Collections per visit have improved by 7%. Revenue cycle management cost per visit was reduced by 30%, and arrival rates have increased 2.5%.

When we started with Raintree, they pointed out how inefficient our other system was and how the upfront scrubbing that Raintree Systems does will reduce our denials and increase our collections. This enhanced our turnaround and we got paid quicker, with fewer denials.

The Promise

Bay State isn’t just a client, they are now part of the Raintree family. As we continue to develop a long-term partnership, our scalable software will grow with them and solve their problems as they become more complex. This is a guarantee we provide for each and every one of our clients.

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